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Amazing Single Leg Counter with Angel Cejudo

Amazing Single Leg Counter with Angel Cejudo


Sprawl Not Working To Stop The Takedown? This Will Fix You Up!

The singe leg may be the most common wrestling take down used in BJJ. It shows up frequently at all levels, and in all competition formats. It’s been adapted hundreds of different ways for BJJ, and continues to evolve. Why is it so popular? The mechanics and positioning of the single leg may lend itself to BJJ more readily than some of the other wrestling-based take downs. The finishes usually land you in a more favorable position than that of a double leg, or other traditional take downs.

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If you’ve ever had someone with a healthy understanding of the single leg snatch up a limb, it almost feels like the take down is imminent. This effect is amplified even more so if your opponent is much larger than you. It can feel like your leg is in a bear trap. When that sprawl fails us, and our partner rises up with our leg, we continue to hop around desperately until there’s a finish. And just like that, we’re behind. So how do we deal with this scenario?

Check out this video featuring Angel Cejudo. Angel is the brother of Henry Cejudo, the reigning UFC champion and Olympic gold medalist. He has a fantastic answer for this particular problem. Have a look.

As Cejudo finds that he is not able to sprawl to defend the single leg set up, he pushes down on the head of his opponent, allows his knee to descend to the floor, and turns to face the same direction as his opponent. When he makes it to the floor, Cejudo is sure to keep the pressure down on the head. He also uses his free leg to drive pressure back into his opponent’s shoulder, keeping him stapled to the mat. He now spins his body to the left and uses his free hand to anchor himself to his partner’s waist. This aids in the continued spinning of the body and allows him to free the trapped foot and end up in a more than favorable position.

This is an incredibly solid answer to defending the single leg when it’s being threatened by a larger opponent. Commit this one to the memory bank and take your single leg defense up a few notches!

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