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An Amazing Closed Guard Sequence That Your Opponent Just Can't Stop by Rodrigo Cavaca

An Amazing Closed Guard Sequence That Your Opponent Just Can't Stop by Rodrigo Cavaca


When you pull your opponent into closed guard, it should be the ultimate advantage - even moreso than side control or mount?  Why?  Because you control his posture and you possess way more leverage than he does: your legs control his body and unlike mount - the ground isn't in the way of them manipulating his body...   

Rodrigo Cavaca has one of the greatest closed guards on the planet. Cavaca himself is a BJJ legend.  He has won multiple world titles when he was old enough to compete in the masters divisions, he has over 200 affiliate schools and he brought the greatest Jiu-Jitsu competitor ever, Marcus Almeida - from white belt to world champion black belt.  

In this sequence, Cavaca shows his Brabo Lapel series from closed guard.  If you master it, you will tap just about everyone in your club.  It is just unstoppable.  Watch as Rodrigo Cavaca breaks down the position move by move and study it - It will turn your closed guard into one that can't be stopped.  


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