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Another Creative ArmBar From Side Control with Kaelum Kalista

Another Creative ArmBar From Side Control with Kaelum Kalista


One of the coolest things that has come from the growth and popularity of Jiu Jitsu is the creativity that so many practitioners have to offer. Jiu Jitsu is a perfect art, and using its fundamentals brings a seemingly endless supply of creativity that can be added to the game.

Some submissions are very similar, and are essentially interchangeable with each other. For example, the armbar and the triangle and typically interchangeable; meaning if one isn't working it is fairly simple to transition to the other. 

A good drill to practice to get in the habit of being versatile in transitioning to different submissions includes 3 different submissions. Start by locking up a triangle, have your partner posture and transition to an armbar, and then have them start to roll and flow into an omoplata. This is a great drill to help get you familiar with the mechanics of multiple submissions, and also to see how slight shifts in body position can open up new possibilities.

In the video below, Kaelum Kalista shows a variation of an armbar from side control that also provides an opportunity for a triangle choke, check it out!


Technique Breakdown

Kaelum begins the technique in traditional side control with a crossface. When going for an armbar in side control, most people choose to attack the far arm, however Kaelum will be attacking the near side arm for this technique.

The first step is to isolate that arm. Chances are your partner is going to be using that arm to create a frame against your hip. To get rid of his frame you are going to slide your knee closest to that arm down to his ribs, and then back up, catching the inside of the arm and dragging it up with your knee to get it isolated.

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You are going to want to keep that arm isolated in the crook of your hip, keeping your leg tight and close to his body. This basically renders that arm useless for your partner, and keeps it right where you need it when it comes time to attack the submission.

The next step is going to be to take your right leg and step over him as if you were going to go to mount, then bring it over his shoulder and around his neck like you would if you were setting up a mounted triangle. Bringing your other leg in close will bring his arm up under your armpit, and lean back to finish the arm bar.

From this position the triangle is just as available, however it requires a few more steps. Once you swing that leg over and around his neck, you still have to shift some body weight to get your other leg up to lock the triangle. While you are in a good position and this is more than possible, you have to make the determination based on your opponent and the flow of the match if you think you could pull it off.

Also, once you get that leg around your partner's neck he is probably thinking that you are going for the triangle, and may start doing what he can to defend it and forget about the arm you have trapped. In drilling this technique, it would be wise to work on executing both to be sure you are ready for whatever when the time comes.

This is just another great example of smooth transitions from side control, and the versatility that armbar and triangle transitions offer. Not to mention, when you initially isolate that arm it eliminates your partners ability to make a frame and work to get out of side control. Check also instructional videos The Godoi Side Control System by Roberto Godoi

About Kaelum Kalista

Kaelum Kalista is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who trains and coaches in the Dominican Republic. As an international competitor, Kaelum has a list of accomplishments including Pan Am NoGi Champion and silver medalist, Pan Am Gi silver medalist, four time Abu Dhabi champion, and many more.

It is important to note Kaelum’s smooth transitions as well as his creativity. When a Jiu Jitsu practitioner has the ability to perfect and tailor their game personal to them, you know that they have something that the world needs to see.

About Kaelum’s Instructional

The name of the instructional, Sneaky Submissions gives away the fact that Kaelum is going to help you greatly diversify your offense. Included in his instructional you will find techniques covering baseball bat choke, loop choke from opponent taking your back, machine gun armbar, bicep slicer from leg lasso, and so much more.

If you ever feel in your training that at times your opponents are a step ahead and know exactly what you are going for, then this is the instructional for you. Add the element of surprise to your game and improve your submission success rate, check out his instructional here!



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