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If you train at a Brazilian JiuJitsu Academy, you have undoubtedly heard one of your fellow teammates say, or post on social media about their upcoming "fight," when referring to their pending Brazilian JiuJitsu competition. Why do some JiuJitsu practitioners refer to their competitions as "fights?" Are they "wanna be"  MMA fighters, or do they really consider their submission grappling match a "fight?" 

Braziian JiuJitsu black belt turned MMA fighter, Nick Diaz, was very vocal about his opinion of JiiuJitsu competitors. Saying, "their not fighters and their never going to be." Nick spoke about being a spectator at a JiuJitsu event when he was asked if he was "fighting today." Nick said his response to the question was, "none of you guys are fighting today, all you guys are doing JiuJitsu today."  

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Nick Diaz isn’t the only one to share that opinion about JiuJitsu competitions. Recently, UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, expressed a similar opinion when he said, “JiuJitsu is not fighting because you’re not hitting each other."

To play devil's advocate to Rogan and Diaz, there are a few different definitions of the word fight. One definition of a fight is to "contend in battle or physical combat, especially to try to overcome a person by blows or weapons." Another definition of the word fight is to "put forth a determined effort". 

That being said, if one has ever competed in or watched a Brazilian JiuJitsu match, it is very obvious that both competitors are undoubtedly "putting forth a determined effort." Therefore, aren't they both "fighting" one another?" 

Opinions will vary on exactly what the correct definition of a "fight"may be, but there is no doubt one must have courage and a fighting spirit to compete against anther human being while giving forth a "determined effort" to overcome the other.

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