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Are We The Champions, My Friends? (ADCC Preview)



Next week on September 28th and 29th the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) 2019 Submission Fighting World Championships will take place in Anaheim, California. This competition and fight series is special in the fact that multiple different martial arts styles are given equal opportunity to come out on top. The original debut featured five divisions with 16 individuals in each, the absolute winner taking the prize in the end. Since it’s inaugural event it has become so popular that multiple different qualifying events had to be added worldwide to host everyone. The championships next week will showcase both male and female weight classes ( 5 male with 16 competitors in each, 2 female with 8 competitors in each). 


During the world championship, the qualifying rounds will be 10 minutes in length, with 5 minutes of overtime if there is a draw with no advantage at the end (maximum two overtime rounds each fight). The initial 10 minutes will consist of 5 minutes without points, then the second 5 minutes including points. Points are also taken into account during any overtime rounds. Finals rounds in this tournament will be 20 minutes, with overtime being 10 minutes long and again capping at 2 overtime rounds per fight. Similarly to the qualifying rounds, points are not included in the first 10 minutes of the initial 20 minute round and then begin in the second half, as well as carry into any necessary overtime. 

There will be some great BJJ Fanatics representation this year in multiple weight classes, so let’s talk about who to keep your eyes on! 

JT Torres-77kg ADCC Worlds 2017 Winner

Lachlan Giles -77kg Asia and Oceania Trial Winner

Lucas Lepri -77kg Invited 

Edwin Najmi -77kg Invited 

Gary Tonon -77kg Invited 

Adam Wardzinski -88kg 1st European Trial Winner 

Alec Baulding -88kg 1st North American Trial Winner

Craig Jones-88kg Invited

Gabriel Arges-88kg Invited 

Gordon Ryan -99kg 

Keenan Cornelius -99kg Invited 

Nick Rodriguez +99kg 2nd North American Trial Winner 


There are three ways to be a part of the World Championships, to be a trial winner, to win a previous worlds title or to be selected by the ADCC Selection Committee. BJJ Fanatics fighters represent all three! The 2019 lineup is definitely one to engage viewers of all backgrounds and will no doubt be an action packed two days of fights. The 77kg bracket in particular is jam packed with amazing grapplers with top of the line skills. JT Torres will be entering the tournament looking to defend his title and bring home the gold, while everyone else is going in trying to unseat him from the throne.

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Two names are brought up consistently to succeed in this feat, Gary Tonon and Lachlan Giles. Tonon has been making a successful transition into MMA, so the real test will be to see how his combination of strict BJJ and MMA techniques will serve him this year. Torres is well versed in multiple disciplines, so catching him off guard will be a hard task! Lachlan Giles is gliding in off of his Kinetic performance where he defeated a five-man team as a solo fighter. Will that mindset be enough to carry him through defeating this A-team bracket? Tonon and Giles are definitely not the only two for Torres to watch out for though; there is ten-time champion Lucas Lepri, who has been amassing titles in gi and no gi since 2007. Edwin Najmi has been on the rise all year, and counting him out of the race would be a big mistake. No matter what the pairings look like in the first round there definitely won’t be a match that disappoints next week, so tune in and cheer for all of the 77kg fanatics! 

While the 77kg division might bring in the most excitement at the moment, the other four categories of male fighters certainly are nothing to ignore. The 88kg bracket hosts multiple trial winners, all looking to continue their streak. Gordon Ryan has been placed in the 99kg group afte originating in the 88kg, seeing how he performs with the added weight will be interesting (though he is King, so there is no doubt he will bring an amazing performance to every match). Not to be left out of the hubbub is the 66kg group; the 16 competitors lack a gold or silver medalist from previous championships, so who is most poised to take the title is anyone’s guess. 


Don’t forget about the women’s divisions this year either! Gabi Garcia will be using her combination of size and strength in order to defend her current over 60kg ADCC World Champion title. Her competitors include Tayane Porfirio, similar in stature to Garcia and a fan favorite for the most likely to be able to unseat her. Her physicality is certainly up to the task, but her experience and skill level will be what it comes down to. Everyone in this bracket will definitely be bringing their best game, and the results seen on the mat will be amazing to watch! In the women’s 60kg weight class, Bea Mesquita will be returning as the defending champion. Even though she has been on a winning streak recently, she is far from in the clear in this tournament. Her competitors are highly skilled and capable of incredible matches. Many are returning ADCC grapplers keen on changing their results from previous years, with even more experience and control under their belts! 

Stay tuned over the next week for more news on the ADCC World Championship event as it creeps ever closer and the buzz continues to rise. Mark your calendars and get ready for a top notch example of martial arts competition!


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