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Are You Disciplined Enough to Train While Most of the World Is Asleep?

Are You Disciplined Enough to Train While Most of the World Is Asleep?


What’s your favorite time of the day to train? Have you ever even thought about it, or do you just fit it into your free time after work? Do you sometimes struggle to meet your weekly BJJ goals due to the demands of daily life? 

Normally, because of career schedules, most practitioners find the evening hours to be their preferred window for training. The majority of BJJ schools are open and offer the bulk of their classes in the after-work hours. This meets or exceeds the needs of most, but not all BJJ enthusiasts.

Have you ever tried training in the early hours of the morning before the start of your day? Many successful inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs consider these hours to be the most important and focused of their entire day. 

Does your BJJ academy offer an early schedule? Sometimes an early training agenda can be beneficial for more students than you think. The initial thought may meet some resistance. 5:00 am comes quick! But with the right amount of discipline an early training session can become an essential part of your BJJ growth, a great way to maximize your time on the mat, and an energizing way to kick off your day.

Most people find that training before the start of their day leaves them invigorated and focused for the tasks to come. Before long your other friends at the academy will be jumping on board and you’ll have created a new niche group that’s good for students, your professor, and adds an extra allure to your academy.

Start small. Ask your Professor if he’d mind you and your favorite training partner opening up early one day and doing some training. See how it feels. The odds are you’ll need some time to adjust, unless you are a natural early bird. If you’re academy does offer early training, commit to a day and give it a shot. What do you have to lose? It may end up being your favorite training session yet!

If you need some assistance getting used to the "Grind" of getting up early to train to reap the positive benefits, check out Will "The Grinder" Grundhauser's newest instructional "Side Control Destruction" from BJJ Fanatics available here.






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