Are you Hip to the Hip Toss?


When it comes to grappling arts, modern Brazilian jiu jitsu arguably reigns supreme once a match hits the ground, but it is far from perfect as a stand alone art.  Many of the best jiu jitsu based grapplers in the world pair their BJJ with Judo or wrestling for the purposes of being able to not only dictate what happens on the ground, but also what happens while standing.  One of the most fundamental techniques in stand-up grappling is the hip toss.

Hip tosses are a versatile set of moves based on the premise of loading an opponent onto one’s hip and then taking them down by a variety of different maneuvers.  These can vary from simply dropping ones opponent to actually dropping ON the opponent.  One can learn various hip tosses in both Judo as well as wrestling.

If you’re interested in learning about the hip toss as an art in and of itself, a good place to start is by studying the diverse and effective game of Olympic silver medalist, Travis Stevens.  Here is a video of Travis teaching a move called Ippon Saionage.


If you are interested in learning more of Travis’ highly effective Judo game check out this 4 dvd set that was put together by Travis and his coach, Jimmy Pedro.

The Judo Academy 4 DVD Set by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens