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Tight Armbar From Dead Orchard


The dead orchard is one of my favorite positions of the new school of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Created by 10th Planet black belt, Nathan Orchard, the position is a super controlling position that gives the user a lot of submission options. This past weekend, I entered a local submission only tournament and used the dead orchard to achieve a tight armbar submission that ended the match in under a minute. Check out the video, and I can break down this unbelievably strong armbar.

As you can see, I sat down to play butterfly guard. As I pressed the action, my opponent ended up in my closed guard. My opponent decided to give pressure and play low in my guard to avoid some of the dangerous closed guard submissions. This is when I decided that it was time to play with the rubber guard to negate his playing low and tight tactic. The first thing I did was go to mission control to establish my position. When I felt him trying to press forward, I went to the cross ankle position off of rubber guard known as the double bagger.

While playing with the double bagger position, I kept feeling him trying to go forward, so I decided it was time to try and get to the dead orchard. I put my foot on his hip once more and pulled my top leg of my rubber guard tight over his neck and used my heel to cover his far shoulder. After that, it was time to triangle my legs and attain the dead orchard. Once he was in the dead orchard position, he had no place to go. His arms were stuck and the position made it easy to grab his arm and finish a short, tight armbar.

If you have the flexibility, the dead orchard is an awesome spot to play and experiment with. As you can see, the armbar was completely easy to finish. Besides being a easy technique, it also was very painful and makes the statement “tap or snap” true. Eddie Bravo has some great ideas, concepts and techniques in his system. If you want to explore this system more, then check out his DVD, Mastering the Twister.

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