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Shrimp Mount Escape To Single Leg X



The first escape that anyone learning mount escapes should be is the shrimp escape. While the bridge escape and  hydraulic escape are both important and need to be learn, the shrimp has to be the number one priority. The shrimp will help you get your hips moving in the correct manner for Jiu Jitsu, and it also allows for guard retention for half guard and the closed guard. But for those with a more advanced skill set, there is a nice transition from escaping the mount, to the single leg x/ashi garami position. For those of you who like to sweep or go for leg attacks, this can become your number one escape and transition.

For this particular escape, your opponent cannot have high mount. High mount will negate this escape. So, keep your elbows down and tight to the mat to prevent that. Once he has standard mount, you’re good to go on this. Frame your left elbow against your opponent’s leg. Post your right leg, and let your left leg stay grounded. As you do your shrimp movement, lift your right elbow slightly to get elevation on your opponent. Your opponent will come up, and your right leg needs to circle around to the hip, while your left knee comes through. Make the correct connection of foot to heal, and get ready to attack.

Your attack options vary from here and it goes to what your preference is. You can sweep your opponent over and use a pass to pass the guard. You can go down on your hip to try and finish a straight foot lock. Or if your opponent stands, you have the option of going to the X Guard. This escape and transition is so versatile!

Escapes can win you championships. Getting put in a bad position can be physically and mentally draining. But if you know your favorite escapes, you’ll always be able to get out of the bad and get back to your offensive maneuvers. Practice makes perfect, and a good resource can help. Just like Bernardo’s Escapes from Everywhere DVD.

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