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Are You Really Living That #WarriorLife

Are You Really Living That #WarriorLife


#WarriorLife #BudoLife #FightLife #JitsLife #MuayThaiLife. You see these every day. Accompanied with photos or videos of training sessions or competitions. But what does it truly mean to be living a Warrior's life? And, is that what you're actually doing?

In today's social media driven world, you get to see into other people's lives like never before. As a result, more and more people also want to share their own lives with the world. Because we all want to show that we too are doing something with our life.

But in both ancient and modern military forces, the notion of Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat, isn't just a t-shirt. It truly is a way of life. It has to be. Because in their world the consequence for not being the best, is death. There is no second place. There is no "better luck next time". You win, or you die.

Now, just because you're not training for a life or death situation, doesn't mean that you're not living a Warrior's Life. If you're training on a daily basis, constantly studying new techniques and strategies, constantly sharpening the ones you have, and living a life that revolves around warfare, then you are living that lifestyle.

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But if you're that guy that shows up to the gym once a month, or every day for a week then disappears for two or three months, or shows up every day but then just hangs out and never trains..... then you are NOT living a Warrior's Life. Just because you are occasionally in the same proximity of people who are living that life, does not mean that you are as well.

So, does that matter? Is there any harm in projecting yourself as someone who lives that lifestyle when you truly don't? Yes, there is. And, the consequences can actually be quite severe.

No, I'm not talking about any sort of "Stolen Valor", or any other emotional distress caused to those that do live that life. (Anyone who truly does live that life should have thicker skin than that.) I'm talking about the consequences of when someone's perceived capabilities are not at the same level as their actual capabilities. When their imaginary persona comes face to face with reality.

There are limitless ways that this can happen. Maybe you're out for a night on the town with a friend, (that probably doesn't train either) and your friend gets lippy with another group of people because he knows that his "Warrior" friend has his back. Now you're faced with a group of people who want to use violence towards you. Are your skills up to that?

Or maybe you start to believe the hype yourself and end up biting off more than you can chew in a similar situation. Having false confidence in your capabilities is a sure way of getting a beat down. Had you truly been living that Warrior Life, you would have known what you are capable of and wouldn't have taken such a big bite.

The consequences for not living up to your false persona can be bad in any aspect of life. But they can be especially bad in a world that revolves around physical violence. A world where every aspect is focused on how to physically dominate another human being through means of both control and damage.

But if you represent yourself truly in all that you do, you should have no problem living up to your reputation. Be yourself, regardless of whether that’s a Weekend Warrior, or someone who does live that Warrior Life. Then, finding yourself in situations where you're in over your head, won’t be something that you have to worry about.

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