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Are You Skipping This Easy Choke?

Are You Skipping This Easy Choke?

In the most recent installment of his popular "Move of the Week" series, Kurt Osiander comes to us from the UK with an extremely simple choke that you can add to your arsenal right away.  With the popularity of different complex guard styles, many practitioners are guilty of letting their guard down (pun intended) in the closed guard of their opponents.

Check out the video below from Kurt Osiander and we'll break down some key details after.

The two primary keys to this position will be the depth of the initial collar grip.  As Kurt mentions, you want to make sure you know the brand of gi they are wearing by reaching deep into the label, palm up with the thumb (and radial bone) towards their neck.  The second key to this position is selling the omoplata set up on the opposite side which will open up the availability of the second grip.

Once you square up with both grips secured, the choke will tighten and the opponent will tap.  This is a quick, simple, and somewhat sneaky choke that most people will sleep on (again, pun intended) and it will be on before they are aware and can escape.

For more from Kurt Osiander, check out Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade available here.  You can get it today from BJJ Fanatics!