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Back Against The Wall?

Back Against The Wall?


Let Jay Wadsworth help you out of a jam!

Whether you are thinking metaphorically or literally having your back against a wall can lead to a very bad day. Thankfully, like usual, Jiu-Jitsu can help.

Jay Wadsworth is a BJJ Black Belt who also happens to be a law enforcement officer. His real life experience mixed with countless hours on the mat has helped him craft a set of techniques for the civilian to utilize in self defense situations.

He applies knowledge acquired through BJJ and applies to situations where there are no rules and there is opponent. Instead it is a person who is trying to endanger your life. In this heightened situation simple is best. Time is limited and the only goal is survival.

Law Enforcement, Civilian, and Competitor Jay Wadsworth's done it all. Let Him Teach You!  Click Learn More!



Now let's look at one of the most difficult situations to be put into especially if you are outmatched by size and strength. That situation is having a larger/stronger attacker pressing you into a hard surface. This surface could be a police cruiser or it could be a brick wall. Officer Wadsworth has you covered.

As you notice from the above video one of the first things Jay addresses is range of motion issue with his arms making striking ineffective. The next thing to notice is Faria's head position in the video. This is a very common exchange we see in MMA with a cage. Creating space is the first goal.

This might seem counter intuitive at first because in open space you would frame and circle out away from the forward pressure. Bernardo makes this all but impossible by having his hips and underhook block that direction off. Instead, changing the head position of the attacker is paramount.

The goal is to put their head and hips on the same side, which creates our escape route. So let's look at how the Fight2Win Veteran accomplishes this.

Moving an aggressive, possibly chemically enhanced attacker's head might seem like an impossible task, but where there is a will there is a way. By using a strong frame on the opposite side of Faria's head AND his hips Jay is able to both change head position and circle his hips away.  This duality of movement enhances the amount of leverage Officer Wadsworth can generate. Remember, we are assuming the person is bigger and stronger so we must use as much technique as possible.

This concept can also be applied if you are pushed into a corner. Once the distance is created it allows the defender to make the next choice instead of the attacker. If the situation calls for fleeing now you have the opportunity.

Applying techniques in a real life self defense situation is something that many practitioners of BJJ THANKFULLY don't have to do often. If you are in Law Enforcement you might not have that luxury. Jay Wadsworth has the real world experience that can ready you for such life threatening situations.



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