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Beautiful Loop Choke from Butterfly Guard with Joel Bouhey

Beautiful Loop Choke from Butterfly Guard with Joel Bouhey


Sneaky Lapel Choke From Butterfly Guard!

The options from butterfly guard are many. Most attribute the position to the butterfly sweep, and of course that is a common technique and a good place to start. But the butterfly guard is incredibly dynamic, offering a wide range of possibilities ranging from sweeps, to back takes, to submissions, and so much more. When were disconnected from our partner, you can choose any path you’d like.

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I absolutely love the loop choke, and its many variations. Practitioners all over seem to take the loop choke and have a field day with it on a very consistent basis. New and interesting loop choke variations are popping up all over, and there are some really good ones out there!

This one definitely stuck out to me. Many times, when we see the loop choke attacked from an open or butterfly guard scenario, the attacking player often comes up to their knees to feed the head into the submission. But take a look at this loop choke from Joel Bouhey. He attacks it from the butterfly guard but stays seated and employs a roll to finish. Have a look!

After acquiring the lapel and feeding the head into a guillotine style bite with his arm, Bouhey continues to roll under his partner. He puts his head into the same space as you would if you were doing a traditional loop or anaconda style choke from your knees. As he continues to roll, he searches for the far leg of his partner and establishes an over hook or under hook to control the limb. This keeps his partner from moving away from the submission. He then projects his hips forward, pinches his elbow tight, and makes a slight bridge poking his head out to apply pressure and force the tap.

This is a great variation of one of the tightest chokes in the game. There’s great efficiency at work here, and no wasted movement. Great stuff!

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