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BJJ Fanatics Set To Change The Grappling Tournament Landscape

BJJ Fanatics Set To Change The Grappling Tournament Landscape


BJJ Fanatics is the world leader in providing BJJ and grappling instructional videos from the world's best coaches and athletes for grappling practitioners worldwide.  Never satisfied to simply raise the bar on BJJ instruction, the team in Boston has announced a new partnership with NUWAY COMBAT, to provide grappling events around the US.

BJJ Fanatics Upcoming BJJ Events

The first official event is only a matter of weeks away, occurring May 15-16th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The event will offer a Quintet style team grappling event for adult and youth teams on Saturday, May 16th and the Individual Open event will occur on Sunday, May 16th.

BJJ Fanatics Myrtle Beach Tournament

BJJ Fanatics around the US will not need to wait long for more events as just two weeks later, the southern Wisconsin city Wisconsin Dells will play host to the second BJJ Fanatics/NUWAY Combat event.  This event will also host the Team Duals style event on day one, May 29th and the individual event on Sunday, May 30th.

For more info on the Wisconsin event, click here!

Additional events in the Poconos and in Tennessee are already on the schedule.  Look for more events to be added as the calendar fills up!

BJJ Fanatics Builds On Previous Grappling Events

BJJ Fanatics made waves on the competitive grappling scene with their Brown Belt Invitational Tournament, their Sub Only Grand Prix and their sponsorship of the Gordon Ryan-led Quintet team that dominated the competition back in October of 2018.Kyle Boehm takes the victory at the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix

We checked in with Kyle Boehm who's busy training for the upcoming ADCC Trials to ask his thoughts on the new competition sponsorship and he had this to say:

"Sounds awesome!  Always good to see those guys putting on tournaments.  This will be a great opportunity for up and comers.  Fantastic to see BJJ Fanatics putting together events again!"--Kyle Boehm

Tom DeBlass Coaching

Tom DeBlass, who's no stranger to the competition mats as a competitor or as a Coach of the likes of Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan and his other up and coming competitors coming out of Ocean County BJJ, his home academy had this to say about the partnership.  

"BJJ Fanatics has changed how the average student learns BJJ.  They've given students around the world access to world-class instruction at their fingertips.  It only makes sense that they help to provide a great experience for competitors of all levels on the competition mats.  I'm looking forward to watch the impact unfold."--Tom DeBlass

So get your team together or get registered for the individual events today!  BJJ Fanatics has joined forces with Nuway Combat and they're looking to revolutionize the grappling competition experience.



BJJ Fanatics/Nuway Combat PRESS RELEASE


Date: April 24th, 2021

BJJ Fanatics Set to Launch National Jiu Jitsu Tournament Schedule
BEVERLY, MA - BJJ Fanatics, the leader in Jiu jitsu instructional video content, today announced
a strategic partnership with NUWAY Combat, a nationwide tournament expo, to expand its presence into the Jiu jitsu tournament industry.

Through this strategic partnership, BJJ Fanatics Tournaments will provide the opportunity for every belt level to compete in destination locations across the  country. Some of the biggest Jiujitsu stars in the BJJ Fanatics video library will make appearances and compete in BJJ Fanatics tournaments. Competitors across the spectrum of experience levels can now take advantage of
these events and put their skills to the test.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture,” said CEO Michael Zenga. “BJJ Fanatics has been interested in getting involved in the live tournament format for some time now, but we have been waiting for the right partner to come along,” Zenga continued. “We are really looking forward to a long-term relationship with NUWAY Combat.”

The inaugural BJJ Fanatics Tournament at the NUWAY Combat Expo will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC between May 15th and 16th in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

To register for this event, please visit:

About BJJ Fanatics

BJJ Fanatics is the leading platform in video instructional content. The video lessons taught by the industry’s foremost Jiu jitsu stars and experts allow students around the world to enhance their skills on the mat.

About NUWAY Combat

NUWAY Combat hosts combat sport expos in destination locations across the country. The
national tournaments are held in vacation settings where athletes and their families embracethe competitive and recreational experience.


To learn more about NUWAY Combat, please visit:












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