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BJJ: The Most Beneficial Workplace Skill?

BJJ: The Most Beneficial Workplace Skill?


BJJ Breaks At Work? I Think I Am IN!

If you could work anywhere, where would you go? Usually when thinking of our dream jobs, the perks associated with a job are just as, if not more, important than the work itself. Today’s tech giants focus on just that-- giving extras in order to attract top talent in an ultra-competitive sector. We’ve all heard about the outrageously awesome work environment that Google provides for its employees. Things like free food, on-site dry cleaning, ample paid time off, and in office massages are just some of the perks. Other top companies on the list, such as Facebook and Linkedin have also followed suit, offering sweet bonuses to employees.

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And although it is not breaking news, it is worth noting, that among the perks of these fast-growing, competitive, juggernauts, offering jiu-jitsu to employees is something they have in common.

If the goal of these companies is to give unbelievable perks to retain and attract talent, isn’t it fascinating that that BJJ is on the list with 401k and paid parental leave? These perks-- time off, time for family, saving for the future, dry cleaning, whole foods-- are focused on maintaining a healthier work-life balance. They are meant to show the employees that their well-being is important to the company. BJJ is another essential perk to maintaining well-being in a stressful, competitive environment.

Another benefit of training BJJ in the workplace is that it creates balance among staff (and in real life). BJJ can build confidence for some and humble others, depending on the need of the individual. BJJ can be the great equalizer. This is an amazing tool to have on hand in a work environment, and all the great companies know that. Even though we can't all work for Facebook or Google, we can all reap the benefits of BJJ in our own work-life balance. Training BJJ is seen as important enough for CEOs to add to a list of the most amazing perks you could ever imagine. Adding BJJ to your life can only add value, and may just improve your overall well-being, no matter what your career.

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