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Simple and Effective Knee on Belly Escape With Bernardo Faria

Simple and Effective Knee on Belly Escape With Bernardo Faria


Simple and Effective Knee On Belly Escape!

If you’re like me, you hate being on the bottom of someone’s knee on belly.  Some people really know how to apply some terrible pressure while there. Like most of the less comfortable positions in BJJ, sometimes escapes can be easier said than done.  

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Using fundamental movements and techniques, Bernardo Faria shows a simple and effective escape from the bottom of a knee on belly into a deep half guard.

The first, and most common, detail you will notice in bottom escapes and defenses is keeping your arms and elbows tight to your body, so that you’re not exposing an arm lock on either side.   Then, press your outside forearm against your opponent’s knee while grabbing their shin, close to the ankle, with the opposite hand. Next, you bridge and push your opponent’s foot between your legs to begin the transition to half.  Finally, as you come back down from the bridge, grab their leg that’s based out from underneath and get into your deep half guard.

There are many things you can do from the deep half guard, and it’s a much better place to be in as opposed to the receiving end of a knee on belly.  From here, you can start working your attacks or sweeps.

Keep this in mind for the next time you find yourself in this bottom position. Simple techniques go a long way in bad spots.


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