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Bring Them Down To Your Level With Gordon Ryan's De Ashi Harai Sweep

Bring Them Down To Your Level With Gordon Ryan's De Ashi Harai Sweep


When you're just starting out training BJJ the difference in our minds between Closed Guard and Open Guard is about as big as the difference between Kansas and Oz for Dorothy.

With closed guard and half guard, I know where my opponent is, I'm connected and I sort of have an innate sense of what my options are from that point.  Open Guard is a vast expanse of unknowns and what ifs.  As complex as closed guard truly can be, nothing inspires the fear of the unknown and the anxiety that comes with it like Open Guard.

Well, Gordon Ryan is back and here to save the day by systematically debunking all of your fears of Seated and Supine Open Guard.  He's here to give you the 411 on what your opponent is thinking before they even think it.  No more anxiety wondering what they could possibly throw your way with all their fancy guard passes.  Dr. Gordon has the prescription for your anxiety.  The De Ashi Harai Sweep!

And most importantly, Gordon Ryan is here to tell you how to make sense of the open guard position in a way that gives you a series of easy to follow steps to deal with every style of guard passer and bring them into your world.  His system is the cheat code for open guard.  You will literally save thousands of hours of trial and error on the mat by following his gameplan.

In the video below, Gordon Ryan explains the De Ashi Harai Sweep from Seated Open Guard.  This foot sweep will allow you to unbalance your opponent and put them on their butts in front of you for you to take offensive action.  Check it out and we'll break it down after.  And don't forget to grab your copy of Gordon Ryan's new instructional, SYSTEMATICALLY ATTACKING FROM OPEN GUARD.



In this scenario, Gordon is seated and his opponent is setting up their guard passing game.  If the opponent is effectively moving away and keeping their distance, it will be nearly impossible to make a connection to them until it's too late, until they're halfway through their pass.

Gordon will often use his bottom foot to jab at his opponent's leg as the opponent commences moving around and cross stepping.  The block will serve a number of purposes.  It keeps your opponent checked and within striking distance.  The foot block will also give them a false sense of your motives.  It feels defensive, it feels like a wall.  But Gordon Ryan has other plans.  The name of the series is Systematically ATTACKING from Seated Guard for a reason.

After he's lulled the opponent with a few blocks, he will hook his foot behind their ankle.  The key here will be to try to stay close enough to the opponent to keep their foot and ankle within striking distance to set up the De Ashi Harai Sweep.

Once you're in striking distance, it's now just a matter of timing.  The goal will be to hook the opponent's ankle with your instep while they are stepping and while they are coming forward with their weight.

By doing this, Gordon Ryan is able to extend their step and unbalance them.  If the De Ashi Harai Sweep is timed perfectly and the hook is perfectly executed, the opponent will drop them to the mat, into your ocean where you want them now that Gordon Ryan has helped you become an Open Guard shark.

Once they're on the mat with you, there are a number of reactions that your opponent could offer you and Gordon outlines them and debunks them immediately.

In the first reaction, the opponent doesn't really react so he grabs the far hip and scoots into and behind the partner's exposed back.  He says this looks far-fetched, like it would never happen, but he says the better you get at the sweep, you will be surprised that this opportunity will present itself to you.

In the second reaction, the opponent turns towards you and you drive into them with your arm across the waist, reaching with the hand to the far hip and driving them down flat to the mat.

In another variation of them turning into you, Gordon shows how to scoop up the thigh and enter into leg entanglement.  From there, the menu of leg attacks is open and spread out in front of you.

So the next time you're looking for a way to bring those nasty, quick guard passers down to your level when you're presenting your seated open guard, give the De Ashi Harai Sweep from Gordon Ryan a try and keep them unbalanced and dropping to the mat putting them where you need them.

To get more of Gordon Ryan's SYSTEMATICALLY ATTACKING FROM OPEN GUARD SEATED POSITION, grab your copy from BJJ Fanatics.  The dilemma you're presented with is grab this series, get ridiculous good at Seated Open Guard or don't and be terrible at Seated Open Guard until years pass and you eventually figure out a few of the things Gordon Ryan is handing you on a silver platter!  You know what to do.  Head over to the Buy Now link NOW!


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