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Bring Up your Deficiencies and Sharpen your Auto-pilot with Partner Drilling

Bring Up your Deficiencies and Sharpen your Auto-pilot with Partner Drilling


I fell in love with drilling repetitive partner drills early on at purple belt. As soon as I was introduced to them, I knew right then I had waited too long to delve into them. I was instantly captured by the intricacies and positional insight that the movements provided.  I wasn’t exposed much to them earlier in my BJJ education. When I first met one of my long time BJJ friends, and mentors, it was one of the initial things he introduced me to. We drilled them tirelessly together. I promptly sought out and purchased the book by Andre Galvao, Drill to Win. It became a staple in my everyday training. I would choose a couple drills a month to work on, and hammer them relentlessly. I noticed results immediately. The book became my bible for BJJ. If you’ve never had a chance to check it out, it’s absolutely worth it, although it has become somewhat of a rare gem and quite difficult to find for purchase.

Partner drills are helpful at providing methods of how to move your body and use it efficiently in common scenarios. This will help your brain connect dots much easier during live training and develop the efficiency of your BJJ auto-pilot. Your transitions will become smoother and more deliberate, which will keep you one step ahead of someone that lacks the repetitions and knowledge you’ve amassed from your drilling.

Anytime I feel I’m struggling with a certain theme or a particular position, I’ll pick a set of these drills to practice and help bring up the deficiency I’m feeling in my game. After a month or so, I’ll move on to another area, let the movements simmer, and wait patiently for them to pop out in my training. This same idea can also be applied after a tough day at competition. After you’ve assessed what went south for you, pick some drills and apply the same ideas to assist you in what you struggled with during your performance.

I credit much of my progress to the massive amount of time I spent on these partner drills. I believe in them as a highly effective tool to assist in overall BJJ progression. Here’s a video to get  started. There are several drills here to choose from. Grab your favorite training partner and get to work!

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