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Building Your Low Risk Judo System with Shintaro Higashi

Building Your Low Risk Judo System with Shintaro Higashi


For the average Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who trains as a hobbyist several days a week, the ability to take someone down to the ground is probably not a high priority at the moment. But should it be?  The moment you have the urge to compete and sign up for that first tournament, a looming question rushes to the forefront...What are you going to do on your feet?  And how will you take them down to the ground?

Even though the majority of the average practitioners and academies do not spend much time if any training take downs, it is an absolute necessity for those students who wish to compete and it can be argued that having knowledge of how to get the opponent to the ground can be very important, especially in self defense scenarios.  So it's important to find an easy way to incorporate takedowns into your training.

There are arguably two major camps that believe they have the best takedowns.  The wrestling camp and the judo camp.  Both have loads of amazing techniques to use to get the opponent to the ground quickly, efficiently and safely (most for you.)  Though we are not going to argue the relative advantages of one school of thought against the other, it can be said that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's roots are more distantly related to Judo than to wrestling, whether that's a true advantage or not.  For the purposes of this blog, we're going to focus on Judo, namely from Shintaro Higashi one of the most sought after Judo instructors and coaches in the world.

For Shintaro Higashi, the BJJ practitioner would be served well if they began to develop a "Low Risk Judo System" or collection of moves that can be easily integrated into their BJJ arsenal.  The system would focus on the best grips, the safest stances, and the most efficient, low-risk takedowns to ensure that the opponent is taken down quickly and put in a position where they are easy to control, score upon and dominate.

In the video below, excerpted from his new series LOW RISK JUDO THROWS FOR BJJ, Shintaro shares the concepts of his proposed system and specifically names a series of techniques that are great BAILOUT THROWS to be used to take the opponent down and transition the game from standing to the world of the NEWAZA techniques where a BJJ player is far more comfortable.  Check out the video below and then let's look at the three recommended bailout throws from Shintaro himself.

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The first bailout throw DROP SEOI NAGE from Shintaro Higashi




In the first bailout throw example, we have the classic DROP SEOI NAGE.  Shintaro breaks down the details of dealing with the opponent's grip, stance and turning and stepping into the opponent in clear, concise details.

The key details of the Drop Seoi Nage from the video was the notion that once the opponent's hands are in front of your body and they are behind you, it's not about doing an ab crunch to pull them on top of you and over your shoulder.  Instead, there is a forward thrust and opening of the knee that helps propel the opponent over the shoulder while Shintaro follows and finishes on his back.


The second bailout throw TOMOE NAGE from Shintaro Higashi


 In the second bailout throw example Shintaro Higashi breaks down the classic Tomoe Nage where the opponent is thrown by using a drop to the mat and foot in the hip to toss them either to the side or over your head.

In this video, he shows three different options depending on what the opponent is offering you in terms of reaction.  The key points for all of these variations is that a dominant hand positioning must be achieved with Shintaro's hands above his opponent's hands and the sleeve/hand must be controlled to the side that the opponent is being thrown.

The third bailout throw SUMI GAESHI from Shintaro Higashi



In the third and final bailout throw example, Sumi Gaeshi, Shintaro breaks down this relatively easy way to bring the opponent to the ground by using your body momentum and the proper positioning of your hands on the sleeve and outside of the shoulder.  Once the opponent begins coming to the ground, the butterfly hook is used to elevate and sweep the opponent allowing you to achieve a dominate position once the action hits the mats.

For more ways to develop a solid, LOW RISK JUDO SYSTEM, check out Shintaro Higashi's latest release from  You will quickly add a variety of simple and efficient takedowns to your arsenal and be better prepared when it comes time for competition.  And if you've got no intention of ever competing, you will still be all the more prepared for that potential self-defense scenario where you've got to take someone to the ground quickly and safely.

Get your copy of LOW RISK JUDO THROWS FOR BJJ here or at the BUY NOW link below!



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