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Make Sure They Wear Their Seat Belt with Travis Lutter

Make Sure They Wear Their Seat Belt with Travis Lutter


Travis Lutter is an OG Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and MMA fighter who has fought on the highest stages in the world.  During 2006, Travis Lutter would compete and ultimately win the Ultimate Fighter 4 series and earn a title shot against Anderson Silva.

As a long time black belt, Travis Lutter brings a wealth of BJJ information to his instruction and from the video below excerpted from Travis Lutter's Road to Blue Belt, he underscores the importance of good fundamental control positions to allow you to attack from and score submissions.

Check out the video below and we'll break it down.



The importance of the seat belt grip cannot be overstated.  By not having an arm over the opponent's shoulder and your other arm under the armpit on the opposite side, you put yourself in a position where your opponent can easily slide their backs to the mat and escape danger.

When facing a turtled opponent, the same is true. Having the seat belt grip allows a much more secure control.  By being secure and stable in the control position will go a long way to making the submission options more readily available.

From a submission standpoint, Travis shows a number of different options.  By rolling the lapels and creating a "rope like" effect, Travis is able to submit his opponent via lapel choke.  He also shows a modified bow and arrow variation.  When it comes to the classic Rear Naked Choke, he shows several different hand positions.  

Once the choking arm is sunk in, he has the option to use a palm to palm grip to secure the choking pressure by driving the elbow into the opponent's back to create the necessary leverage.  Another finish would be the classic finish where the choking arm's hand cups the bicep and the secondary hand controls the opponent's head to create the pressure.  The final example or option would be simply sliding the palm of the secondary hand behind the opponent's head.

For more of the essential foundationi techniques that everyone should know on as they progress to blue belt and beyond, check out Travis Lutter's Road to Blue Belt system.  You can get your copy here or at the BUY NOW link below.








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