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Butterfly Back Take With Adam Wardzinski

Butterfly Back Take With Adam Wardzinski


What’s your favorite position in Jiu Jitsu?  Is it mount? Or maybe you like side control? 

Generally speaking, your favorite position is most likely the position you perform the best in.  I know that it took a long time before I could admit to myself that I was favoring one position over another.  The sooner you start putting in work on the positions you aren’t good at, the sooner you will be a savage from whichever position the opponent has you in or allows you to get on them.  There is much more to each position than just understanding the general concept, you must understand the details of the position. How do you apply pressure and where do you apply pressure?  How do you keep the opponent from escaping? What do you do if they start to escape? Lots of details to consider. 

One of the most used guards in No-Gi is Butterfly Guard, Is yours up to date? Click Learn More! 


Being able to get to the back from any position you find yourself in is a skill that we must constantly develop and work to find new and innovative ways to make it happen.  Back mount, or back control, whichever you prefer to call it is one of the most controlling, dominating positions in Jiu Jitsu, affording you the opportunity to attack, submit and control your opponent with very little danger to yourself in the process.  Back mount will typically score you the most points in a points based competition, typically tied with mount. Back mount also provides the ability to use your legs to trap multiple limbs of their body making it easier to control the opponent while delivering strikes, or working on submission with little to no interruption from the opponent.

A position that we tend to find ourselves in a lot is the butterfly guard, both feet inside the opponent’s legs, in a seated position.  The butterfly guard is a great guard to work from when looking for various different position transitions and or submissions. Let’s take a look at how to get from the butterfly guard to the back mount using this “Butterfly Back Take by Adam Wardzinski”.

Starting out Adam has his opponent in his butterfly guard with his left arm over hooking his opponent’s back and his right hand based out with his fingers pointed away so when the opponent drives into him he has a solid foundation. 

Adam makes an attempt to sweep by scooting in close to the opponent and loading their weight on to him.  As he pulls them on top of him and lifts his hook the opponent is able to sprawl onto both hands and both feet leaving us with an unfinished sweep. 

The first thing we do from here is to put our left food on the outside of the opponent’s right leg hooking our heel over the opponent’s ankle.  While doing this it’s important to keep tabs on the opponent’s left arm so they aren’t able to secure a grip, an under hook or any head control.  

Next we work to get out from under the opponent using our hook over the ankle to pull us enough to get our left arm over the opponent’s back so that we can secure a grip on their Lat muscle and use that to pull us the rest of the way out from under them, coming up on our right elbow in the process.  We then need to work to bring the opponent’s elbow that is closest to us to the mat. In order to break down the opponent’s posture Adam reached the front of the elbow and pulls inward with a cupping grip over the elbow.  

Finally, to finish the back take Adam shows putting his right shin over the opponent’s shin to prepare for getting the hook.  He then pulls the opponent towards him causing the opponent to fall to their hip and Adam’s hook to slip into place. 

Rediscover your butterfly guard with one of Adam’s video instructionals titled “Butterfly guard rediscovered” or “The No Gi Butterfly Guard”.  Adam shows the tip and tricks needed to improve your butterfly guard, along with showing you the typical mistakes and adjustments that can be made to correct them.  There is no doubting that adding Adam’s butterfly guard game to your routine will help you dominate on the mat, at the academy, and most importantly, in competition. 

Butterfly Guard has been long thought of as a "Basic" game that only works in the Gi. WRONG. Butterfly Guard has been Rediscovered! Adam Wardzinski has been leading the expedition in both Gi and No-Gi. The No-Gi Butterfly Guard Rediscovered By Adam Wardzinski has the blueprint you need to keep your guard UP-TO-DATE!



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