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Catch the Kimura from Side Control with Travis Stevens

Catch the Kimura from Side Control with Travis Stevens


Acquiring the kimura from side control is a preferred method of chasing down one of the most effective and common techniques in BJJ.

At the start of my training I became more comfortable in side control than in any other position. It seemed to be much less difficult to maintain than other positions, and I felt a sense of comfort there unlike the mount or back. One thing that I’ve always felt was a priority in side control was to get away from my partners hips.

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If I could achieve a position such as north/south, the power from my partners hips affected me less, and I could take my time hunting for submissions. Most often I was looking for the kimura, and I believe this is a perfect place to snag one.

In this video Travis Stevens walks us through a kimura from side control. He uses some great details to isolate the arm, and good movement to put himself in position to capture the perfect kimura lock. Have a look at this!

Stevens begins in the side control position with his arms controlling his partners far shoulder and near side hip. He addresses the far side frame first by compressing the wrist with his chin and adding shoulder pressure to clear the path. After the arm has been dealt with, Stevens brings his thumb under his partner’s armpit and connects his fist to his own chin. He then blocks his partners near side hip and circles to the north/south position.

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He positions his knees encapsulating his partner’s head and places his fist on his partners heart, while driving him up to his side a bit. Stevens begins to drive forward causing the arm to release into the clutches of his figure 4 grip. From here, Stevens steps up, attaches the figure four to his chest and rotates to complete the submission.

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