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Check Out This Slick Omoplata Against A Double Leg

Check Out This Slick Omoplata Against A Double Leg


Omoplata Against Double Leg by Bernardo Faria

This omoplata is a highly effective submission to use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Are you familiar with the omoplata? Also known as the ashi sankaku in judo, the omoplata is a shoulder joint lock technique that utilizes your legs and hips to bend your opponent’s shoulder joint to a maximal degree of motion. It became popular in the mid 1990’s thanks to a competitor named Nino Schembri. The omoplata is a great submission technique that can be hit from a variety of positions. Today we are here with 5 time world Champion Bernardo Faria. Bernardo has a lot of experience when it comes to double leg defense. Bernardo is a former IBJJF World jiu jitsu champion and is associated with the world renowned Alliance academy. He is regarded as one of the most important super-heavyweights of his generation, an athlete with titles in the sport’s top tournaments.

The Omoplata is one of the best attacks for submissions and sweeps. Though the omoplata is a submission itself, the attack allows a variety of other sweeps and submissions.


Often times, a beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player will struggle with defending a double leg take down. If you have any experience live rolling with a wrestler, you will know they can have very good double leg take downs. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some techniques in your arsenal so that you know what to do when up against a training partner like this.

Watch the video below of Bernardo Faria demonstrating an omoplata against a double leg take down and then we will break down his technique. Check it out now!

In a case where your training partner shoots for a double leg, you can utilize Bernardo’s omoplata technique. Faria actually likes it when his opponent controls his hips, because he knows the omoplata is always available to him. That makes the omoplata highly effective against the double leg take down. Faria knows that he can’t really defend the double leg, especially against a wrestler or someone who is very good at it. So he will try to defend the double leg but anticipate that his partner will be able to continue through and dump him on his side. You will notice that when Bernardo gets dumped he will immediately move to put himself at a greater advantage. He places his leg across his training partner’s back as soon as he hits the ground. Then, he blocks his opponent’s tricep with both his hands. This will cause your training partner to be completely stuck. Now what you want to do is grab your own shin and pass it over your training partner’s head. It helps to hip escape a bit if you are not very flexible. Continue to control your opponent’s arms as you switch your hips and move into the omoplata position. Once there, grip your opponent’s gi pant in order to continue moving into the correct angle to hit the omoplata.

Remember then you go for the omoplata submission it is important to control your opponent’s back as you continue to hip escape your way through the position. If you do not have proper back control your training partner will be able to roll forward, and you will lose all the positioning. As you are probably aware, this technique is dead simple. It does not take a lot of agility to do, and it does not require you to successfully block the double leg attempt. Instead, it uses your opponent’s momentum and hip connection to give yourself an advantage. This is a great technique that will work no matter what skill level you are at. It can be just as effective in no gi as it is in gi. So make sure you give this omoplata a try the next time you are up against a good wrestler or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player who is good at hitting double leg take downs. It could be the difference between getting stuck in a bad position, or hitting a very quick submission. Thank you Bernardo Faria for demonstrating this technique for us today!

Did you know that The Omaplata is the easiest move in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to get?
Most guys don't know how to get the move and even more don't even know how to finish it. Bernardo Faria does.He gets it from every where, closed guard, half guard, side control, mount, transitions.

There is only one requirement for you to get it: your opponent has to have an arm.. As long as he has one, he can and will be caught. Is there a secret to getting the Omaplata? Yes, there are many and that is the topic of his 4 disc DVD set:



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