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Check Out These 3 Submissions For BJJ With ADCC Trials Champ Tom DeBlass

Check Out These 3 Submissions For BJJ With ADCC Trials Champ Tom DeBlass


Level Up Your Submission Game From America's Most Accomplished Grappler and ADDC Vet, Tom DeBlass!

Tom DeBlass is one of the most decorated Grapplers in the United States. DeBlass has had a very impressive career in both mixed martial arts (MMA) and submission only tournaments. Tom DeBlass is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ricardo Almeida and an ADCC veteran. He is the instruction to Garry Tonon and World Masters champion Jen Allen Russell. His knowledge is sought out world wide from countless inspiring competitors. Today we are going to check out 3 submissions for BJJ with Tom DeBlass. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Tom Deblass is a wizard at half guard, his approach is simple, makes sense, and makes his a threat on top or bottom half guard.


#1: Lasso To Rolling Omoplata

Tom is a master of the omoplata, and a great instructor to learn it from. As you will see, the rolling omoplata is a bit different than your traditional omoplata. Watch the video below of Tom DeBlass demonstrating his technique and then we will break it down. Check it out now!

Tom DeBlass shows a pretty typical half guard pass. In this case, you can manipulate their pass attempt by controlling the gi sleeve, ending up in an omoplata. When your training partner gets to his standing tripod position it can be a very tough situation to deal with. You have to get your leg in front or you risk getting passed. When your training partner passes you want to exploit the arm you still have control over. To do this come up to your shoulder as your partner continues to walk around you. The most important detail here is getting up to your shoulder. As your partner walks around you, you can simply go up to your shoulder and switch your leg to come back outside into the lasso. If you stay flat you will not be able to do much. Once your opponent gets up into the tripod you need to anticipate his walking around you. Pull your opponent’s arm towards you and spin all the way through, ending in a super tight omoplata.

#2: Weird Kimura From Top Half

When done correctly the kimura lock creates immense pressure on your training partner’s shoulder, causing them to submit. The great thing about the kimura is that it can be hit from so many different positions. In this video Tom DeBlass is going to demonstrate a weird kimura from top half guard. Let’s check it out. Watch the video and then we will break down Tom’s technique.

As soon as your training partner goes for the under hook from half guard they expose themselves to a kimura. When this happens simply pressure down and collapse your opponent’s arm. The kimura is available to you in this position. To hit the kimura slide your knee under your training partner’s hips, then switch your hips. Step up to your feet and grab your training partner’s wrist. Once you grab either the wrist or the forearm, come underneath and lock up your kimura grip. To finish the kimura, Tom pulls the wrist to the mat and walks the elbow towards the head. Tom presses the wrist, pulling the shoulder up until his opponent taps.

#3: Arm Bar Finish while Being Stacked

Some people that assume they need flexibility to finish the arm bar from the stack. But as you will see, Tom shows that you do not need any flexibility to finish the arm. All you need to do is position your hips correctly and off balance your opponent. Check it out the video and then we will break down the technique!

Getting stacked when you go for the arm lock is always a problem. Tom DeBlass believes stacking is a better option than trying to rip your arm out. When you are in the arm lock position and your partner starts stacking you, come over his head without your outside leg and lock his shoulder. You still have the arm lock, but your partner will have a tougher time pulling his arm out. Now pull your leg out to the same side trap and lock your legs. You can pinch the arm and continue to look for the arm bar as your training partner stacks. To finish, feed you hand through and pull yourself towards your partner. Once you are here you have another angle, so you can bring your leg back out. The extension that you look for now is away from your partner.

Now that you know all these great submissions you should probably learn how to escape them too! You know your opponent is going to get pissed when you catch them in any 3 of those nasty submissions, of course they are going to try and get revenge! But keep dominating your opponent’s and opponent’s over and over again by having good submissions as well as good submission escapes. Be sure to check out To mDeBlass “Submission Escapes” instructional series on! It will help make you a well rounded submission grappler.

Learning to fight from half guard will not only help prevent your guard from getting passed so easily, but also give you a strong attacking guard as well. Tom Deblass's DVD / On Demand Series called Half Dominate will give you the tips and skills to control and win from the most dynamic position in grappling - the half guard.



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