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Check Out This Spartan Kick Drill!

Check Out This Spartan Kick Drill!


Half Guard Drag To Spartan Kick Drill by Tom DeBlass

When it comes to half guard, Tom DeBlass is a master. DeBlass is one of the most sought after grappling instructors and athletes in the world. Tom DeBlass has had a very successful career in not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the MMA as well. He has garnered a broad social media following with his brand of straight from the heart mix of advice and humor. Some of Tom’s most notable titles are 3X ADCC veteran, Fight To Win Pro – Main Event Winner, 2013 ADCC North American Champion, ADCC NY Super Fight Champion, 2015 Black Belt World No GI Masters / Absolute Champ, 2014 ADCC North American Champ and more. DeBlass is a multiple time Super Fight Champion, a UFC veteran, a Bellator Veteran and a Ring of Combat Champ. Tom DeBlass’ achievements extend to the development of his students, most famously Garry Tonon, Tom’s first black belt and Gordon Ryan, Garry’s first black belt.

The way to look at half guard is that you are either in half GUARD or half PASSED. Dealing with a strong hip switch passers requires a strong half guard. It just so happens that Tom Deblass is a master of the half guard for sweeps, submissions and recoveries.


Today we are going to explore an amazing half guard drill off of Tom DeBlass’ new instructional DVD series “Solo and Partner Grappling Drills for Rapid Movement.” This drill, known as the half guard drag to Spartan kick drill is a great warm up you can add to your routine before class. Just grab a training partner and get to work! Watch the video below and check out Tom DeBlass’ awesome half guard to Spartan kick drill!

When you’re drilling this it is important to think of it as a defensive position. Tom starts this drill off in bottom half guard, pulling the arm of his opponent and dragging it through. He uses a C grip to control his opponent’s elbow, getting it inside of his thigh. The moment he does this he drags with his other arm. If this were a real match, your opponent would naturally go to pull themselves back up and regain some sense of good posture. In the drill, your partner will mimic this natural reaction. When he does, place your top foot into your training partner’s chest, right underneath his arm pit. Now you can kick out in order to sit up and trap his leg.

There are two main things to focus on in this drill. The arm drag is the first thing you want to focus on. This part of the drill emphasizes the motion you will use in a live roll to get up to the side of your opponent. Then, focus on getting up to your knees after the Spartan kick. Both of these movements require a good amount of momentum and mobility to do, so drilling them for about 5 to 10 minutes; take a break if you get exhausted. Focus on good technique before adding in speed and aggression. This is only one great example of Tom DeBlass’ excellent instruction in his Solo and Partner Grappling Drills for Rapid Movement DVD series! If you love half guard then you are in luck. Tom is a master when it comes to half guard, and these drills are sure to turn you into a half guard wizard too!

Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American Grapplers on the planet... and it known for his closed guard and half guard. He uses to closed guard to frustrate and trap stronger bigger opponents into tons of submission attempts and sweeps. Learn the closed guard secrets of one of the best grapplers and Frustrate and destroy all of your competition with simple and "slow down" concepts that Tom Deblass teaches to hold back even the most explosive and toughest grapplers on the planet.



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