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Check Out This Worm Guard Back Take

Check Out This Worm Guard Back Take

Of the advanced guards that have developed in the last decade, worm guard has become one of the most popular ones used in Jiu Jitsu. The worm guard is a kind of a combination of many guards. If used appropriately, worm guard has common characteristics with de la riva guard, lapel guard, and so on.

The most significant benefit of this tricky position is that it makes it easy to break down your opponent’s posture and dominate them from guard. The reason this works is because of the strong grip on the lapel.

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In worm guard, the top player’s lapel is weaved between their legs and gripped from outside of the legs. In order to establish this though, the guard player has to break their opponent’s posture first to secure the lapel grip.

From worm guard, a variety of strong sweeps can be attacked, just like de la riva guard. Also similar to de la riva guard, worm guard makes it easy to attack the back in a babybolo style technique, which we will discuss below. More so, depending on the top player’s defense, we can attack a variety of submissions. 

In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see how to execute a slick back take from worm guard. See below:

If you have ever taken the back from de la riva guard, you will realize that this is a very similar technique. It is also similar to the kiss of the dragon technique from reverse de la riva guard.

The most difficult part of worm guard is not the techniques at all. In fact, once worm guard is established, it is very easy to sweep your opponent or take their back. The most difficult aspect of worm guard is actually getting to the position.

To become a skilled worm guard player, you have to be quick and smooth when it comes to establishing the position. This requires a lot of practice in just setting it up. If you are slow to set up worm guard in a match or roll, the top player can take advantage and pass your guard.

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