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Choke from Crucifix Position

Choke from Crucifix Position


Let's take a look at what happens when a deep half guard player utilizes a solid reversal attempt, the turkish get up from deep half, popularized and used extremely effectively by 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria and in the process of the sweep, gets themselves caught in a tight crucifix.

In the technique below, Gordo black belt John Piper utilizes his crucifix to ride out the turkish get up of Bernardo and set up a tight lapel choke from a kind of reversed crucifix.  Typically in the crucifix the offensive player has rolled over the opponent and pulled them partially on top of themselves.  In this case, John keeps Bernardo Faria in a semi-turtled position and utilizes the same lapel choke.

Check it out below.  See if you can implement this non-traditional use of the crucifix against your deep half guard players and others who let you trap the arm.

Speaking the turtle position. Have you checked out BJJ black belt and Olympic Judo athlete Travis Stevensinstructional "Attacking and Defending the Turtle Position" available here from BJJ Fanatics!  Get your copy in DVD or convenient On Demand format and start terrorizing your teammates and opponents who spend their time hiding in the turtle position.




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