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Having trouble taking the mount?

Having trouble taking the mount?


At the beginning stages of our BJJ voyage, we often get away with haphazardly jumping on top of our training partners with zero skill or technique in our attempt to achieve the mount position. This will serve you, for a little while. Then reality sets in. You begin to realize you are giving your opponent way too much room to use frames and retain their guard, and at this point, your Barnum and Bailey style mount takes begin to fail you.

When taking the mount from side control, there is much to consider. At the basic level, take a look at the position of your partners frame closest to you, in other words, the frame that would block your hip or defend your cross face. Is it at your neck? Blocking your bicep? Or your hip? Maybe it’s just buried between you and your partner. Whatever the case may be, let’s try to eliminate this blockage before we attempt to transition our way to the top.

Whether we choose to smash the frame with our hip, scrape it out with our knee, or sit over and face the legs to try and negate it, the goal is the same. You will be much better off removing this road block before attempting to mount anyone even slightly seasoned.

Here’s a great video with a few excellent drills to sure up your side control movement. Pay special attention to the drills where the frame is considered.

In “Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” Bernardo Faria discusses the removal of this nearside frame before demonstrating the mount take. He uses simple and high percentage methods to help you negate the frame, and better understand this concept.

Find your preferred method of frame removal and start eliminating this tiny detriment to achieving the mount ASAP!





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