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Veteran Mount Concepts

Veteran Mount Concepts


From the very first BJJ class we take, we are taught that the mount is one of the most powerful positions is the top mount position.  As good as that looks and sounds on paper, think about the first time you ever found yourself mounted on a training partner.  How secure did you feel?  That first mount take was probably as sturdy as a house of cards.  A light breeze could have probably swept you.

Over time, you have learned a few key concepts that have made your mount better and better.  Things such as staying has high into the armpits as you can, keeping your body loose and maintaining a low posture will help improve the likelihood that you are controlling the opponent which is the first step to catching them with a submission.

Not many of us have 40 years of BJJ experience, like Murilo Bustamante.  Check out the simple, yet extremely effective modifications he has made to his top mount over his long and illustrious career as a combat competitor.

By adding the wider base by flaring out ones knees and keeping the feet tight, but active, you will better be able to withstand the offensive adjustments the bottom mounted opponent will launch, whether it's pushing on the knees for an elbow escape or the explosive hip thrust of a strong upa.

For more of the wisdom of Murilo Bustamante garnered from over 40 years of BJJ and combat experience, head over to BJJ Fanatics to get "OLD SCHOOL CRUSHING PRESSURE AND SUBMISSIONS", the 2 volume set that is available in DVD and On Demand formats here! 



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