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Rising Star Frederico Silva

Rising Star Frederico Silva


Are you familiar with the name Frederico Silva?  Are you familiar with the name Lucas Lepri?  Well, Frederico Silva is the cousin of 4x Black Belt World Champion and 2x ADCC silver medalist Lucas Lepri.  He is a relatively new competitor on the scene having just received his black belt from his cousin, Lucas Lepri. 

Frederico Silva is from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.  He trained there under the Gracie Barra flag until 2015 and just 2 years ago he decided to take the leap of faith and move to Charlotte, North Carolina to learn and teach at his cousin’s state of the art academy.  At the time, Frederico was already a rising star in Brazil; he had some prestigious competitions under his belt and was an established competitor.  Fredrico was studying at University in Brazil and was almost finished with his Physical Education degree when he decided that bjj was what he wanted to devote his life to.

Naturally, his inspiration stems heavily from his cousin Lucas, seeing his cousin’s success competitively, fiscally, and in every aspect of life, Frederico knew that with hard work, dedication and sacrifice the possibilities with Jiu Jitsu were limitless.  Not many people will take the leap of faith and drop out of school to pursue a career in bjj, given the financial benefits can be rather minimal, and not many people are willing move to an entirely new country to do so.  Frederico is not your average person, he is a young man filled with determination, the ability to deal with adversity and a goal.  These are the attributes that make him a dangerous and hungry man.

Frederico was recently promoted to black belt by his cousin, Lucas Lepri and has already taken his few black belt competitions by storm.  He managed to place second at the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Houston International Open at Adult Black Belt, he also managed a bronze medal at the Atlanta Open.  These are both highly prestigious events and given the duration of time which Frederico has had his black belt this is extremely impressive.

Frederico won the Brazilian Nationals NoGi as a brown belt and this is considered by many, one of the biggest victories that a person can attain.  Frederico is not just a competitor though, he is also an excellent instructor who teaches the intermediate classes and kids classes at Lucas Lepris Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Competition is not the only goal that Frederico has, he also loves to teach and is driven by the satisfaction of impacting people’s lives in a positive manner.

The Path To Success

The path to success for Frederico is no simple path.  He has to put in hours upon hours of hard work, dedication, training, and more.  There will be much adversity in his journey to the top but who better to guide him than somebody who has already accomplished all of his goals and somebody who is family.  Lucas Lepri is more than just a coach to Frederico, Lucas is a mentor, a guide, a teacher, an inspiration and more. 

The amount of competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing every day and at a rapid pace.  More and more we see tournaments reaching capacity at every belt level and more and more we see new rising stars coming out of the woodworks.  The competition scene for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has grown exponentially and the talent pool has thickened.  There are so many people at every weight class that you need to be aware of but Frederico Silva is one of those names.

Give him just 2 years to reach the pinnacle of the sport, when you see this name on a bracket, beware that he is a threat.  Frederico has a dynamic game, he can play top, bottom, shoot for take downs and submit from anywhere.  Much like his cousin, Lucas, he has some of the best balance in the world.  Frederico has absolutely incredible base which he attributed to his cousin Lucas.  He claims that his cousin Lucas constantly implements principles that allow you to develop incredible base and balance.

Lucas is infamous for being impossible to sweep and won the black belt world championships without conceding a point.   Frederico takes after his instructor and cousin.  Frederico also has a well-rounded guard and is dangerous from several different guards.  There is no place that you can put him that he won’t have some type of answer.

Training Regimen

So what is his training regimen like?  Frederico trains twice a day from Monday-Thursday, and once on Friday and Saturday.  His off day is Sunday.  All the while he manages to implement a rigorous strength and conditioning schedule 3 times a week as well.  He does plyometric workouts and other things that help develop the muscle groups that are utilized in bjj.  Following a schedule like this, it is only a matter of time before he is able to reach the pinnacle of the sport right alongside his cousin, Lucas.  

So what is next for Frederico?  Well that is the obvious question isn’t it?  He is going to train day in and day out and continue to strive for his goals.  He will continue to compete and see where the journey takes him.  Many people say that in bjj it is not about who is the best but it is about who is left, if you have the drive and determination to accelerate and grow in this sport people will notice and you will reach your goals. Like anything else in life, if you put the work and dedication in, you will see the result. 

There you have it, our rising star here at bjj Fanatics for the week is Frederico silva, remember the name and keep your eyes peeled on the competition scene and we can guarantee you will see him at the top of the podium sooner than later.  If you want to meet Frederico and have the opportunity to train with him just visit Lucas Lepri’s academy in Charlotte, NC.  Attend one of the intermediate courses or the kid’s courses and enjoy the experience.  If you would like to learn more about Frederico check out a recent interview that he did here.


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