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Self Defense Begins with Awareness

Self Defense Begins with Awareness


The holiday season is supposed to be filled with good times, family get togethers and gifts, but the reality is that it is a stressful time filled with crowded malls, last minute shopping and other stresses.  It is easy to let yourself get distracted when out and about trying to get those last minute errands and shopping done.

This is also a time when it is more than ever imperative that you protect yourself when you are out and about alone.  This is a perfect time for someone with bad intentions to seek out the most distracted or vulnerable looking person to commit a crime like a robbery or even worse.

One of the first and most important things you can do to protect yourself in every situation is to increase your level of awareness.  Look around at your surroundings.  Notice where other people are.  Do your best to not be distracted.  This means, stop texting while you're walking to your car in the dark parking lot, or take out your earbuds so you can better hear things going on in your surroundings.  By being more aware, you increase your chance of preemptively addressing an issue and also make yourself appear much less vulnerable.

Check out the video below from self defense expert Nick Drossos.  Pay close attention to the little trick he shares to address a potential issue with a person following him.

By simply being more aware of our surroundings and staying alert, many issues can be prevented.  But remember, this is just a starting point.  It is important to learn as much as you can about ways you can protect yourself during the busy holiday season and beyond.

Take advantage of the special sale price of only $77 today for a complete 6 volume Self Defense set from self defense expert Nick Drossos.  His "Scientific Street Fighting" and "Self Defense Encyclopedia" are jam packed with life saving information and techniques that will keep you safe against any threat.




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