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Choke Your Opponent When He Goes For The Single Leg Takedown

Choke Your Opponent When He Goes For The Single Leg Takedown


Learn The Anaconda Choke vs Single Leg Take Down in 2 Easy Steps

If you have been around Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any grappling martial art you will probably be familiar with the single leg take down. The single leg take down can be one of the hardest take downs to counter, especially if it is some one who is very knowledge when it comes to take downs. Often times you will find that wrestlers and sambo practitioners have very good double leg and single leg take downs. Because of this, it is important to know what to do when some one changes their level and shoots for a single leg take down. Believe it or not, it is possible to submit a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player when they attempt a take down. Have you heard of the anaconda choke before? If you are not familiar with the anaconda choke, this one is a great submission to have in your arsenal, especially for those tricky grapplers who are really good at shooting for a single or double leg. Watch the video below and then we will break down how to get the anaconda choke verses a single leg take down in just 2 easy steps. Check it out now!

Step 1: From the single leg position, the first thing you want to do is sprawl your feet in order to free your leg. This works from both a standing and kneeling position. When you training partner attempts to reach for your leg, slide your arm all the way to the other side. From here, you want to use a rear naked choke lock and get your hand on your opponent’s back.

Step 2: Now that you have the arm trapped, roll to the side that the arm is trapped on. To finish the choke, walk towards your training partner’s legs. You want to trap your training partner’s leg with your top leg. This will tighten up the choke and cause your opponent to tap!

So there you have it, the anaconda choke verses a single leg take down. This is a really cool choke to use when your training partner shoots for a single leg. The key thing about stopping a successful single leg is timing. You want to react as fast as possible and sprawl hard to get your legs away from your training partner’s grasp. The beautiful thing about this is that your opponent is already in a very bad position. Even if you do not get the choke on your first try you still have the advantage in this position. So remember the anaconda choke the next time you are up against that new guy in class who does not know a lot about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but knows how to wrestler, and can shoot single legs on every one in the class. This could just be what you need to prevent yourself from being taken down over and over again. I hope you find this technique useful!

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