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Take The Back From Butterfly Guard With Cesar Casamajo

Take The Back From Butterfly Guard With Cesar Casamajo


Back Take From Butterfly Guard by Cesar Casamajo

Cesar Casamajo is a multiple time IBJJF champion at the adult black belt divisions. He is a master of the butterfly guard at only 25 years of age. As a Brazilian native, Cesar Casamajo is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt with a bright future ahead of him as a competitor. Today Cesar is going to show us a very cool technique – how to take your opponent’s back from butterfly guard. This is a really simple technique that anyone can use and start to understand on a very high level. You may not have thought it would be possible to take an opponent’s back from butterfly guard but you will see how easy it is when Cesar breaks it down into fundamental principles and concepts. Watch the video below and then we will break down Cesar Casamajo’s technique for taking the back from butterfly guard. Check it out now!

Cesar starts off the demonstration in butterfly control. This is when you have both your feet in between your opponent’s legs and you have secured your under hook around your opponent’s back. Cesar likes to open up the gi and establish a lapel grip. Keep in mind that you want to stay tight to your opponent. Use your free hand to post on the mat and switch your bottom foot to cross over your training partner’s leg in an “X” position. You still have the butterfly but the “X” position is what traps your training partner’s leg. You want to have a very tight grip on the lapel with the under hook. You will continue to work under your training partner’s arm, getting it up on your shoulder, which allows you to get even tighter. Once you feel you are tight you are going to trick your opponent. Instead of sweeping him to the side like in the classic butter fly sweep, take your hook out, step on the mat, and use your shoulder and gi grip to take your head under the arm and secure the back with a seat belt grip.

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What I like the most about this back take is the “X” set up that you use to control your opponent before taking his back. This is a very unique way to play butterfly guard. Is it very important to have a strong grip on the lapel. Remember, when playing an open guard such as butterfly guard you want to maintain strong connectivity to your training partner. If there is any distance or you do not have proper grips you run the risk of letting your training partner get an easy pass. Even more, what is cool about this technique is that a lot of opponent’s will think you are going to go for the sweep, when in reality you go the other direction and end up taking the back. I do not think a lot of people are going to see this one coming. So if you love to play butterfly guard, definitely remember this technique and give it a shot the next time you are in a live roll, or in competition. Thank you Cesar Casamajo for sharing this with us today!

Butterfly guard remains as one of the most effective, explosive, and efficient positions in the world for those who know how to unlock its potential. It’s a perfect way to manage the pressure and weight of someone bigger and it doesn’t take any special skill or attribute like height or flexibility to do, making it a great choice against a wide variety of opponents. The problem is then… how do you sweep or submit from there?   That’s where Adam Wardzinski comes in.

Adam Wardzinski is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts to ever come out of Europe, and is one of the best heavyweights of the modern era. He’s proven to be an intense and technical competitor, with wins over World Champion fighters like Erbeth Santos, Muhammed, Isaque Bahiense, and Charles Negromonte! His gameplan is centered around a dynamic guard that he uses to destabilize and dominate.

Join Adam as he takes you from the most basic butterfly fundamentals, through to killer sweeps and submissions that are guaranteed to impress. Learn how to attack all directions with the sweep (while threatening the submission), and see what reactions Adam is creating as he keeps his opponent’s base shifting like quicksand.



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