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How To Finish The Omoplata With Kyra  Gracie

How To Finish The Omoplata With Kyra Gracie


Great Detail To Finish The Omoplata by Kyra Gracie

Kyra Gracie is a member of the infamous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all star Gracie family and a former world champion. Kyra is one of only two Gracie women to achieve a black belt in BJJ. She is the first Gracie female to compete in BJJ. Gracie won the women's under 60 kg title at the ADCC submission championships in 2005, 2007, and 2011. She finished first at the IBJJF world championships in 2006, twice in 2008 (lightweight and absolute divisions), and 2010. She also finished second in 2004, 2005, twice in 2009 (light and open divisions), and 2011. Today Kyra is here with 5 time World Champion Bernardo Faria to demonstrate how she finishes the omoplata.

Bernardo Faria has some sick omoplatas too. His tips unlock the secrets of not only securing the omoplata position, but finishing the submission too - which can is the REAL challenge.


Kyra has some great details that help make this a very effective finish. Watch the video below and then we will beak down Kyra’s omoplata technique. Check it out now!

Kyra Gracie starts out by explaining that this is a very fun technique. She has used it more than once successfully in competition before. Kyra demonstrates the typical omoplata technique where you sit up and try to roll. But when this did not work for her once during a competition it completely revolutionized the way she finishes the omoplata. Instead of being able to sit up and roll, her opponent forced her back down and stacked her weight on top of her. It is actually still possible to get the submission from here. All you need to do is hug the back of your opponent’s head. To do this, you first need to create an angle where it is possible to reach up and wrap your arms around your training partner’s neck. Now you use a push and pull technique to create a lot of pressure that will cause your opponent to tap. Make sure when you do it you pull your opponent’s head and push with your leg. This creates the pressure you need to nail the submission.

What I like the most about this technique is that it is super effective even against a larger opponent. You do not need to be a big guy (or in this case girl!) to finish the omoplata this way. I find it interesting that not a lot of BJJ players react to an omoplata in this manner. The typical method you see most people employ is to try and roll out of the submission before you reach around and grab their back. But maybe this is why I do not see many people try and stack pressure to avoid the omoplata, because Kyra figured out how to get the submission anyways! This is a great technique and one that I hope you remember the next time you are training on the mats in a live roll or in competition. If you have ever problems finishing the omoplata, this could be the answer for you. Big thank you to Kyra Gracie for demonstrating this technique today!

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Bernardo Faria Shows You His Secrets To Get & Finish The Omaplata On Everyone He Rolls With He Often Gets It 30x In A Row At Seminars Against BJJ Players Of All Levels Including Black Belts. Do you wish you had a move that you could always hit? Well you have one, you just don't know it yet
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