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The "Folding System" Guard Pass By Fernando Reis

The "Folding System" Guard Pass By Fernando Reis


7x Brazilian National BJJ Champ Fernando Reis Shows His Folding Guard Pass

Often times when discussing some of the all time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu greatest competitors, the name Fernando Reis will come up. Fernando made a name for himself initially by competing in lower belt divisions and receiving medals in all of IBJJF’s top tournaments including the World Championship, Pan American Championship and Brazilian Nationals. Fernando is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Fabio Gurgel. He is also a former student of Tiago Rocha as well as one of Alliance Academy‘s top representatives in the super heavy weight division. The list of Fernando’s accomplishments is long. Some of his notable achievements are CBJJ Brazilian National No Gi Champion (2017), IBJJF Charlotte International Open Champion (2016), IBJJF Rio Winter International Open Champion (2017/2016), UAEJJF Gramado Pro Champion (2016) and CBJJ Brazilian National 3rd Place (2017). Today Fernando Reis is here to show us his folding guard pass.

If you watch what he's doing, and drill these techniques, your game and results could change in a couple of weeks.


Watch the video below and then we will break down Fernando’s technique. Check it out now!

Fernando starts this technique from bottom half guard, having switched from knee shield to securing his under hook. He bumps his opponent over to secure a top control position. The folding pass is when you control your training partner’s knees and legs in this position. The first thing you want to do is control your opponent’s hips with your left hand. From here you want to put your shoulder on your opponent’s belly to flatten him on the mat. As Fernando points out, this is a very important detail. It is also very important to get up on your toes as opposed to staying on your knees. This allows you to put maximal amount of pressure on your training partner’s stomach. Now you want to work to control your training partner’s lapel. While you are pressuring down you want to bring your knee in between your opponent’s legs. It is very important to keep your leg close to the outside leg. If you sit it sets up an easy sweep for your opponent. Keep using your grips and your knee to push his leg.

With the folding guard pass, it is very important to first control your opponent’s hips and then establish your shoulder pressure. If you forget to control the hips your training partner can easily escape his hips and re-establish guard as you lose all your positioning. While this may not technically be considered a pressure pass, it certainly relies on pressure and maintaining tight contact with your training partner the entire time you are in motion. There are a lot of little details that go into making this a successful pass. I recommend when you are training this folding guard pass to first get the technique down and then have your training partner give you some resistance so you can tell just how effective your pressure is. This will be more realistic to your experience when passing during a live roll or in competition. I hope you find this technique useful. I want to give a big thanks to Fernando Reis for sharing this technique with us today. Now get out there and train this awesome folding guard pass!

Fernando Reis Always Has a Plan... He pulls into half guard, gets deep under his opponent (folding him in half) and then sweeps.  Then he does something very important: his passing flows right from his sweep - that is the plan!  His Folding Pass is almost unstoppable.

This simple folding system will give everyone in your academy and the competition probelms Fernando has won championships at every belt level using this exact Folding System If you watch what he's doing, and drill these techniques, your game and results could change in a couple of weeks



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