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How To Escape The Deadly Body Triangle

How To Escape The Deadly Body Triangle


Body Triangle Escape by Tom DeBlass

If you have been around the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene for any amount of time you will probably have heard the name Tom DeBlass. Tom is legend in the scene, and a man who needs no introduction. Tom DeBlass earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Ricardo Almeida. Tom has had an impressive competitive career in both jiu jitsu / grappling and mixed martial arts. Tom is also an incredible coach and an amazing instructor. He has produced many high level athletes out of his Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. Some of these athletes include World Masters champion Jen Allen Russell and ADCC veteran Garry Tonon. Tom DeBlass’ list of accolades is quite long. Some of his most notable achievements are No Gi World Champion (2015 black Master 1 absolute, 2007 brown), World Championship 3rd place (2007 brown), Pan American Champion (2008 brown), No Gi Pan American Champion (2013 black), Grapplers Quest National Champion (2013), Grapplers Quest Worlds Expert Division Champion (2013), ADCC American National Absolute Champion (2016), Professional Grappling League Super-Fight Winner (2014).

Tom DeBlass is master of escaping and finding his way back to powerful positions. His secret is not only in the technique, but he possess the mindset to never quit and always find a way to success.


Today Tom DeBlass is here to demonstrate his body triangle escape. If you have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is likely you will have come across a time in which your opponent took your back and you were not sure how to escape. In the video below Tom DeBlass shows a way to escape the body triangle when your opponent has your back. Watch the video now and then we will break down Tom DeBlass’ body triangle escape technique. Check it out now!

Tom DeBlass starts off by acknowledging that the body triangle is a very tough position to get caught in. The first thing you want to do is attack where the triangle is locked. Just like you would break your opponent’s grip in a wrestling situation, the lock is their grip, and you want to break it. Think about escaping your hips as you turn toward your partner while defending the choke at the same time. Maintain contact with the arm that’s going across you for the choke and turn into the side the triangle is locked on, then fall back and post on your hand. Think about pulling your back to the mat. Take note of what happens to the body triangle at this point – it is no longer a triangle, and your opponent’s grip has been broken. Now you can push his legs away to escape and free yourself from the triangle. This opens up an opportunity to hit a leg lock.

The most important detail in this technique is to sit back on the side the triangle is being applied to. Once you do that you break the triangle and can start working to free yourself. Keep in mind, this will take a lot of work in a live roll or competition, and will not look as smooth as it does when training it. But once that triangle is broke, all you have to do is clear the choke and turn into your partner using your hips. Remember this one the next time your opponent has your back – it could be just the thing that prevents them from choking you. It will be especially surprising when they lose their control and then immediately end up being threatened with a leg lock. I hope you found this technique helpful. Thank you Tom DeBlass for sharing this awesome body triangle escape!

Escapes = power in jiu jitsu. When you have the confidence and ability to get out of all bad positions in BJJ, you know that you are never truly in trouble. You are always able to find your way back to a powerful position to attack again... just like in life.

Tom DeBlass is not only a warrior on the mats, but in life as well. This is evident in his DVD / On Demand series called Submission Escapes. You can tell through the years of experience that Tom has competing and training, that the ability the escape submissions and bad positions is one of the most important things any Jiu Jitsu fighter or martial artist should know.

Get his DVD series and gain the confidence to escape every thing and find your way back to power whenever you face adversity.



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