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Clark Gracie: Omoplata Master



If you are an avid follower of the American Jiu Jitsu scene, Clark Gracie is a competitor you will recognize. He has wins and medals from the Pan Am’s the World’s and the US Nationals. He is part of the famous Gracie family, following in his family’s footsteps under his father Carley Gracie. Clark routinely travels over the US and abroad to take on some of the best challenger’s that events can put up against him. He is known for his aggressive use of the guard and the omoplata, which he is certainly a master of. Clark has ten victories by some sort of omoplata or variation.

Gracie is an active competitor in both gi competition and no gi. Though he really shines through his gi matches. In his years of competing, he has defeated DJ Jackson, Tanner Rice and Murilo Santana. Even in his losses, Clark has looked great, always making a match ultra competitive. In addition to competing, he owns his own franchise of schools and tours the world doing seminars for Jiu Jitsu students all over. He is a success is many different areas of Jiu Jitsu.

His latest match was in Russia at Berkut 3, against BJJ black belt and baseball bat choke master, Magid Hage. Previously to Berkut 3, they had met three times in competition. Twice, Hage had won, with Gracie also taking a victory against him. The bout at Berkut could have been Hage winning their series, or with Gracie making the score even at 2 wins and 2 losses.

The match at Berkut was a great one. The ten minute bout started with Hage pulling guard, working spider guard and attacking Gracie with his own signature technique, the omoplata. Gracie was able to defend and pass Magid’s guard. Soon a scramble ensued, and Gracie ended up right where he wanted, on his back, using his world class guard skills. Gracie aggressively went for the omoplata and was able to sweep Hage and get on top into side control.

At one point, Clark was able to get to north south and locked up a kimura. From there he switched up, and went for an inverted triangle/armbar combination. Once there, Hage could not escape from the dangerous submission attempt and the match went the distance. By the end of it, Gracie had won by ref’s decision. After his great performance at Berkut 3, it will be interesting to see what Clark has in store for the world next!


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