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Clark Gracie Secures Gold at No Gi Worlds

Clark Gracie Secures Gold at No Gi Worlds


Crazy Submission Wins Him Gold!

Clark Gracie has secured himself a gold medal at no gi worlds. He managed to come out on top against 4 opponents with 3 submissions finishes, and one victory collected by points. He also came away with zero points scored against him during the contest.

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Gracie finished his opponent in the finals with a submission he refers to as a pretzel-plata. He has promised to do a breakdown of the technique in the near future, so we can have an inside look at the bizarre submission. You can get a look at the impressive finish here.

Gracie, who we mainly see competing in the gi, has not competed in a no gi setting in five years. Entering the competition without expectations of winning, Gracie states, “I want to fight, I want to come out here and bite down on my mouthpiece and crash heads with theses guys”. He did just that, and in the process took home the gold medal. He makes mention that 2018 has been one of the toughest years of his life, personally and at his academy, but seems to be feeling refreshed by his impressive performance at no gi worlds.

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