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Clean up Your Ability to Transition Smoothly with the Windshield Wiper Drill

Clean up Your Ability to Transition Smoothly with the Windshield Wiper Drill


An Easy Drill To Make You Passing Game Better!

I am an enormous fan of positional partner drilling. The more repetitive and monotonous the better! I credit partner movement drills to so much of my progression, especially at the blue to purple level. I spent countless hours trying to smooth out my movement, and obtain that transitional excellence I watched all the pros execute so flawlessly. These kinds of drills can really clean up your movement and make your transitions much more seamless and effective. There are countless drills to pick from. The perfect drill can be sought out for any kind of movement you’re attempting to improve.

Take this one for example, a windshield wiper drill. Have a look!

There’s lots of different skill sets at work here. This drill will bring up your under the leg passing recognition. It will also help you develop a paramount transitional BJJ skill, the windshield wiper. Having the ability to swivel your legs together rather than independently is a critical transitional skill. Whether your passing the guard, switching sides during a stint in knee on belly, or transitioning to an attack on the opposite side of your partners body, this theme will show up in your jiu-jitsu time a time again.

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This simple drill will help you take advantage of the opportunities the windshield wiper skillset can provide you. As time progresses, and you put in the repetitions, you’ll see the movement pop out in your live training automatically. It’s an awesome process. Grab a partner and get to work!

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