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D’arce Choke? Anaconda? What’s the Difference?

D’arce Choke? Anaconda? What’s the Difference?


We May Be Able To Do These Chokes. But, What Is The Difference?

A choke originally known as the Brabo Choke made famous by Black Belt Milton Vieira later became known as the D’arce Choke. That label was attached to the choke by Marc Laimon who was quite impressed by the successful use of the submission by Joe D’arce a well-known competitor in many grappling tournaments during the mid-2000’s, D’arce actually learned the technique by John Danaher, the most respected leader of the Danaher Death Squad.

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The Technical Differences

The D’arce Choke is quite similar to another arm triangle choke known as the Anaconda Choke.

The Anaconda choke is a submission I have successfully executed a few times while rolling with my training partners. So if I can do it, YOU can do it!  The difference between the two chokes is slight but anyone who does Jiu jitsu knows that the details matter. The difference is in the arm placement that forms the triangle around your opponents neck.

The D’arce choke is most commonly applied in the half guard position when your opponent does the “right thing” by getting the under hook allowing you to thread  the choking arm palm up under the near arm of your opponent, in front of their neck and with the opposite hand push their head down and getting your choking hand as deep as you can shaving the back of their head with your forearm until you are able to lock up the figure four position to secure the hold.  Staying in half guard with your opponents head wrapped up in your triangle, bring your weight forward on your opponent's head and squeeze to get the tap.

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The Anaconda submission is most commonly applied as your opponent is in the turtle position. The setup for this choke is done by threaded the choking arm under the opponent's neck, through the armpit, and again locking it up by grasping your bicep and closing up the figure four. Your head is then placed on the side of your opponent's body where you have your arms locked and roll your opponent over and walk your legs toward your opponent to allow your stomach and your forearm to apply the pressure to get the choke. For this submission you can also roll in the opposite direction of the locked arms and continue with the same walk toward your opponent to again secure the submission.

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