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Closed Guard Arm Drag With The King

Closed Guard Arm Drag With The King


Gordon Ryan’s Closed Guard instructional is just around the corner. To prepare you for it’s impending arrival The King graciously lets us take a look at not only a top tier technique, but also some ADCC Champ quality insight on grip fighting from the closed guard. Use this Arm Drag to take your opponent’s back from Closed Guard!

While the Arm Drag is great, Gordon’s insight on grip fighting can really make major improvements to your overall game. This especially important from closed guard. As Gordon points out, the person who is able to dominate the grip exchanges will dominate the set ups. These set ups are required if you are looking to land the techniques you’ve been working on in live rolling. 

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To start the technique Gordon obtains the grips he wants to maximize his Arm Drag. The grips Ryan uses here is pretty standard. His right arm has a hook grip from the inside on Nat’s triceps. This is one of the main working mechanics to this technique. Ryan creates a hole by lifting his right elbow and steers his partner’s hand through this space. 

As soon as the arm starts to travel through the hole that Ryan creates, he starts to knee pull his partner forward to disrupt their base. While creating this angle, Gordon pendulum swings his leg while getting up to his elbow, this will help keep the space to a minimum. One critical detail Ryan points out is to remember to keep your chest close to your partner’s shoulder. If it is pointing to the ceiling, your partner will be able to get their arm back to center. 

One way to ensure your chest is pointing in the right direction is by using a “hip scissor” as Gordon calls it. This will help you get off of your back during this technique. Depending on the drag and reaction of your partner you may end up in different positions. If you are able to secure your partner’s Lat muscle you will be in good position to eventually finish with the back take. 

Towards the end of the video, Gordon talks about some general arm drag advice. The inside grip needs to be high on your partner’s arm. From the guard this will help maintain the grip as your partner straightens their arm to defend the arm drag. So whether you hit your Arm Drags from the feet, seated guard, or closed guard a lot of the concepts Gordon covers here will apply. So get to taking the back!

Gordon’s Closed Guard Instructional is LITERALLY right around the corner. In the meantime it might be a good idea to catch up on how to Systematically Attack The Guard. It may be your only chance once his Closed Guard Instructional comes out. The King provides insight that only HE has. Systematically Attacking The Guard By Gordon Ryan will change how you pass the guard!



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