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Counter the Weave Pass with Lucas Leite

Counter the Weave Pass with Lucas Leite


Half Guard Tips With One Of The Best In The World!

Using the weave pass to shut down a good knee shield is always a great option. If you perform the pass just right, it can earn you a favorable position. But using the weave pass can also be a little like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar. If the bottom player is savvy, he/she may be able to turn a good passing attempt into a reversal. We’re essentially setting up a lasso guard situation for the top player by using the weave pass in the gi.

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Lucas Leite is a half guard master. He’s an innovator of the half guard position, and has evolved it to serve his game in a huge way, becoming one of the best and most recognized half guard players of all time. In this video he shows us how to sweep an opponent when they attempt the weave pass. Check it out!

Leite starts in the half guard with a nice knee shield in place. His partner begins to weave his arm through Leite’s legs. Leite controls the sleeve of his partners weave arm, and his partner’s pants on the far side. Leite then makes an adjustment with his hips and scoots under his partner, placing his knee behind his partners butt. He then steps down with his top foot on his own half guard hook, scoops his hips even deeper under his partner, and off balances him for the reversal.

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If the top player wishes to attempt a weave pass, keep this in your tool box for a possible chance at reversing!

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