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Countering the Knee Cut with Bernardo Faria

Countering the Knee Cut with Bernardo Faria


Learn To Stop The Knee Cut Pass With Bernardo!

The knee slice might be the most common guard pass in BJJ. It’s dynamic, powerful, and offers a wide range of transitions where contingencies are concerned. The knee slice or knee cut was one of the first passes I was ever introduced to. I was immediately drawn to its simplicity, and mechanics. It’s a favorite at the highest levels with top tier competitors such as Lucas Lepri, who has taken the knee cut to a new level.

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With that being said, being that the knee slice is one of the more common passes in BJJ, you have to have some solid counters in place. A good knee cut can be a game ender for your guard if you don’t have any plans for countering and defense.

Check out this unique counter to the knee slice from Bernardo Faria. He takes an interesting approach when defending the famous guard pass. Have a look!

From the knee slice position, Faria is controlling his partner’s far side lapel under his own leg. Faria moves to his side and places his top side foot (in this case his right foot) toes pointing up against his partner’s ribs. He creates some space and then fits his other foot in on the underside of his partner’s thigh. Faria secures his partner’s sleeve with his left hand and begins to push his partner away as much as possible. He then kicks his right leg, and uses the momentum to come up. With his control over his partners sleeve, he shoves the hand under and forces a reversal.

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The control of the lapel definitely adds another layer to the effectiveness of this counter. The top player is in quite a tangle, and the off-balancing properties of the move look to be very difficult to overcome. Give it a try! With the popularity of the knee slice, you’ll get plenty of opportunities!

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