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Cowboy Up With The Lasso Guard!

Cowboy Up With The Lasso Guard!


Lasso guard is a technique that often starts being introduced once you have reached your blue belt and are already comfortable with the more fundamental guards, such as closed, open and half guard. The set up is from your back, usually with your feet on your opponents hips. Take on leg and loop your foot under one of their armpits, your knee will be by the shoulder joint with the bottom half of your leg under their arm and the top half of your leg is over their forearm. From this position you are able to execute a variety of techniques easily, including sweeps and submissions. The leg that is hooked gives the bottom player the ability to control the top person’s distance, posture and attacks easier and with more strength than a hand grip. The lasso guard is especially fluid since there is no limit to the body type that can perform this move best, it’s for everyone! 

To use the lasso guard as a sweep, there are a few different methods. The most simple is merely setting up the position, then placing your free leg in a perpendicular manner across your opponent’s torso. From there you can either grab the end of the gi pant leg, or extra fabric near the knee, open up the leg that has the lasso to shift the other person’s weight forward and onto your free leg. Push with the leg that is on the torso, while controlling the motion with the arm gripping their pants to end up on top in a knee on belly position. Tada! 

Marcos Tinoco also has a great sweep from lasso guard that can be used to submit with an armbar. He inserts his lasso in deep, with his knee just in front of the shoulder. In all likelihood your opponent will try to pass by moving around towards your head, at which point you will frame against their biceps with your near hand, keeping the other gripped on their sleeves. With their upper body in control, move your bottom leg forward towards the foot closer to your head while the foot still in their hip drops to cup behind the knee. Perform a motion similar to a scissor sweep to get them to the ground. You will land with one leg over their arm still and your grip will still be holding the sleeve. Scoot closer and figure four your legs in order to finish the armbar. 

You can also use lasso guard to submit with an omoplata pretty easily. To accomplish this move, you need to insert your lasso and then insert your other leg across your partner’s torso with both of your feet on the same hip. At this point you will put your weight onto your 

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down shoulder and invert while keeping the leg that had the lasso in that position. Drape your arm over the other player’s back and finish the omoplata (slowly! Remember if you’re training you don’t want to hurt your friends). 

One of the most important parts of the lasso guard is the initial sleeve grip that allows you to insert the lasso on one side. In a real roll, people will be reactive to your set up and once they realize what you are trying to do will immediately begin to defend and escape your grip. Marcos Tinoco has a few tips on how to avoid having your grips broken before you are ready to insert the lasso and finish your sweep or submission.Try out the lasso guard and see how simple and effective this guard can be when applied correctly! 

Mastering The Lasso Guard by Marcos Tinoco
The Lasso Guard can be a great EQUALIZER against event the Trickiest guard passers. Mastering The Lasso Guard By Marcos Tinoco will give you the edge against ANY guard passer. Use the Lasso Guard to full effect to set up sweeps, transitions, and SUBMISSIONS! Check it out today!



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