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Craig Jones, Triangle Machine

Craig Jones, Triangle Machine


In the 2017 ADCC, an unknown grappler out of Australia won a spot in his division, and went on to shock the world.

After his victory against veteran competitor Leandro Lo, everybody knew Criag Jones. That was two years ago, and Craig pretty much hasn’t stopped since, winning a pro match seemingly every other month. He’s proven himself competing on the stages of Kasai, Polaris, Quintet, Grapplefest, and the Eddie Bravo Invitational.

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If you said Craig Jones to most people, they would think “heel hooks” forgetting that he also had an amazing triangle entry in his last run at ADCC. 

This flying triangle entry is simple. It starts with the opponent shooting a single leg, which Craig stops the initial attempt and fights his leg free to the outside.

Single leg defense isn’t the focus of this video, but a quick primer: Early defense is to sprawl your legs back and drop your body weight on top of them before they can get a good grip on the leg. Failing that, your next line of defense is to push their head away and pummel the leg they grabbed back to the outside. This puts your opponent at an awkward angle and negated much of the control they had on your leg. 

 In the video, Craig as already done this late stage defense, and is ready to go on the offensive. The arm that is closer to his opponent takes an overhook. His other hand controls his partner’s hand. Specifically, he grabs his palm at the top of their wrist so that he can put some bend into the joint, making it easier to control and push away. 

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Next Craig mule kicks his trapped leg straight back. The overhook provides counter pressure going the opposite direction, breaking the opponent’s grip on the leg. Now that it is free, the leg comes across their back. Forcing the opponent to carry this added weight will break their posture down and force their free hand to plant on the mat. 

Putting a hand on the ground means that it is no longer available to grip fight or block. Craig jumps into the submission. He swings under his opponent and neatly falls into a triangle. The opponent’s posture is already going to be compromised, so making the adjustments to finish the triangle will be simple.

This triangle entry is not very complicated and should do wonders to help you against that annoying wrestler at your gym. Craig is known for his leg locking game, but studying him has far more to offer than just that. 

If you want to add some dynamic triangles to your game, check out Craig Jones' "Triangle Machine" instructional in convenient On Demand and DVD formats.  Who knows, maybe you'll have a breakout performance at the ADCC someday soon!




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