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Craig Jones VS Keenan Cornelius Polaris 8

Craig Jones VS Keenan Cornelius Polaris 8


Polaris 8 Results: Craig Jones Defeats Keenan Cornelius In Tough Match Up

This past weekend Cardiff Wales hosted the 8th Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational. This is considered by many to be Europe’s most prestigious grappling event. The main card was headlined by a submission only ADCC match between Craig Jones and Keenan Cornelius. In the end, Craig Jones took the rematch with Cornelius, becoming the Light Heavyweight champ by split decision.

Jones and Cornelius previously met at ADCC 2017 in the semi-finals of the under 88 kg division. The odds were in favor of Jones at this event, however, the odds turned in his favor and Keenan was able to defeat Jones in an entertaining match.

The match between Jones and Cornelius at Polaris 8 turned out to be a great match, if somewhat unexpected in how it would go. The first 5 minutes of the match saw both guard experts trading take downs. Jones continually worked snap downs forcing Keenan to pull guard. The match featured great displays of Craig Jones’ stand up grappling as well as guard passing. In the end it the split decision went to Jones as it was likely his standing and guard passing game that showed the judges he was in my control of the fight.

Craig Jones has a secret weapon in jiu jitsu... his Z Guard (half guard variation). He was virtually unheard of until recent ADCC and EBI competitions where he shocked the world with his Z guard and foot lock attacks. His approach is simple, and makes sense. After watching it, your approach and execution from the Z Half Guard will dramatically change for the better.



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