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Creonte – A Term To Avoid?

Creonte – A Term To Avoid?


A brief conversation on creontes in modern Jiu Jitsu culture...

Is a creonte still a thing in Jiu Jitsu? The term creonte originates from Brazil. There was a popular soap opera character named Creonte Silveira. Creonte constantly switched alliances to save himself; even at the expense of others. It was subsequently applied to Jiu Jitsu as someone who jumps from gym to gym.

In my opinion, you have to find a place to train that is right for you. Just because someone gave you your first stripe on your white belt does not require you to train there till death. As a beginner in Jiu Jitsu, you are a novice at all things. You are not aware of what all of your goals and needs may be for a gym. When this knowledge progresses, it may be necessary to find a school that more closely aligns to your criteria.  If a professor leverages loyalty as a reason why people should not leave and labels them a creonte, it is an indictment of the professor. The focus should be on excellent technique and gym culture to keep students around and not shaming them with a moral indictment.

Let me offset that thought with a caveat. If you consistently have issues with multiple schools, you may be the problem.  Your attitude and approach may be the impetus of the issue.

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Also, there is never a reason to bad mouth your old instructors and training partners. They were a part of your Jiu Jitsu journey. They shared something as beautiful as Jiu Jitsu with you. That is a sacred thing. Unless they are engaged in criminal acts, why drag their name through the mud? It is fine to have your private reasons for separation, but more often than not, those reasons should remain private.

Ultimately, everyone has a different Jiu Jitsu journey. Instructors should focus on the value they provide to keep students. Attacking the integrity of dissatisfied students by labeling them a creonte is never acceptable. As students, we should realize that Jiu Jitsu is hard and school will never be perfect. It is fine to seek the best path for yourself but if you have a problem with everyone and everywhere you go it is necessary to do some self-evaluation.

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