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Daniel Strauss Vs. Satoshi Ishii

Daniel Strauss Vs. Satoshi Ishii


This past weekend at the 8th edition of the Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational, in Wales, there was an intriguing No Gi Absolute match up between Daniel Strauss, a Roger Gracie Black Belt, versus Satoshi Ishii, a gold medalist Judoka and MMA fighter from Japan.  

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The match saw Strauss work his patented butterfly guard and not engage Ishii in the standup.  The match proved to be slower paced highlighted by a nice scramble from Strauss which ended with him on Ishii’s back.  After attempting to choke Ishii for a few minutes, Strauss jumped on the arm, but ended up on the bottom. The match ended as a decision victory for Strauss- most likely due to this exciting sequence.  


Satoshi Ishii Biography

While Satoshi ended up on the losing end of the match, the esteemed Olympian’s life and career is definitely worth a look for all grappling fans.

Ishii was born on December 19, 1986 in Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan.  He is a Japanese judoka who gained prominence when he won the gold medal in Olympic Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. In addition, Ishii won a gold medal at the Junior World Championships in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary, and a silver medal in the 2006 Asian Games.  On April 29, 2006 and 2008, he also won the All-Japan Judo Championships. With his spearheading the Japanese team, they also won the World Judo team competition in 2007 in Beijing, China.

Satoshi Ishii Fights MMA

Upon winning the gold medal in 2008, Ishii expressed his desire to fight in MMA.  At first, Ishii originally confirmed that he he signed a contract with Japanese MMA promotion Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG)- the creators of Pride FC and DREAM.  However, Ishii later announced he rejected FEG’s offer and was planning to fight in the UFC. He then moved to Florida to train with American Top Team in preparation for his American debut.

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However, on June 1, 2009, Ishii announced he would fight in the Japanese MMA organization World Victory Road.  It was later announced that he would make his MMA debut against fellow Olympic Judo gold medalist Hidehiko Yoshida.  After the fight was initially cancelled (due to the World Victory Road’s New Year show being cancelled), the two judokas fought on the DREAM Dynamite!! 2009 card on New Year’s Eve which was a co-promoted show.

Although Ishii was a large favorite, Yoshida was able to use his experience (he had already fought 17 MMA matches) to outstrike Ishii- staggering him and winning the unanimous decision.  

Throughout his MMA career, Ishii has fought numerous well known fighters and champions such as Fedor, Cro Cop, Quinton Jackson,  Fujita, Heath Herring, Muhammed Lawal, Jeff Monson, Pedro Rizzo. Ishii currently holds a MMA record of 18-8-1, riding a three fight winning streak.  He last fought on December 1, 2018, winning by submission over Tony Lopez in the Serbian Battle Championship 19.


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