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Dante Leon Defeats Edwin Najmi At Kasai Pro 5

Dante Leon Defeats Edwin Najmi At Kasai Pro 5



Dante Leon continues his success at Kasai Pro 5.

Saturday night in a superfight Canada’s own Dante Leon squared off against the ever-dangerous Edwin Najmi. In the lead up to the bout there were multiple polls floating around on the internet that had Edwin a heavy favorite. In the end Leon was able to secure the victory however.

The match was a back and forth battle that saw both athletes launched off of the stage, one time it looked as though Najmi’s night would end early at one point. As the two athletes grappled from the feet they slipped off the edge causing Najmi’s arm to get folded in an awkward position. Thankfully for us he was able to gut it out and the match continued.

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If you were able to tune into this battle it, you were treated in a great case study on how to stifle an opponent’s knee slice pass. Leon was able to work through multiple open guards to keep Najmi at bay, while at the same time offer some offense in the form of sweep attempts and leg entanglements.

Leon is known for having an incredibly hard to pass open guard, while Najmi has made a name for himself by landing submissions from all angles. Leon had a winning strategy by avoiding Najmi’s incredible darce choke, and submissions that stem off of passing. Many time Najmi’s passing pressure causes his opponents to over extend in defense and they manage to land themselves in some hot water.

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After fleeing the mat during a takedown Najmi found himself down on points. With about two minutes left the action continued. This picked up the pace and scramble rate. Another scramble lead to the Dante obtaining a seat belt hold on Najmi’s upper body, but had no hooks in. The action had to stop as the two athletes almost toppled out of bounds again. The action was reset in the middle of the mat with a drag over by the referee.

From here Dante didn’t rush to get his hooks. He took his time and threatened the hooks and the choke simultaneously. As he gained his first hook the choke slipped in and that was all she wrote. This is the second consecutive choke from the back for Leon at Kasai Pro. He is quickly moving away from that GIANT hip toss Craig Jones landed on him at his Kasai debut, and the sport’s top athletes are taking note. Keep an eye out for both athletes as they will surely continue to bring the action, and great instructional content here at BJJFANATICS!

Having a strong open guard is crucial to survival in BJJ. A strong loose passer can make quick work of a weak guard. Reverse De La Riva can be the critical tool your game needs to not only survive but thrive in Jiu-Jitsu. Dante Leon is a top tier athlete in Jiu-Jitsu and he is ready to share his insight on this revolutionary position FOR YOU!!!



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