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Craig Jones Takes 3rd At Kasai Pro 5

Craig Jones Takes 3rd At Kasai Pro 5



Craig Jones had another strong showing at Kasai Pro 5. Although he didn’t leave the arena in NY with the 205 pound Kasai Title Jones once again showed that he is a force to be reckoned with. The  action packed Aussie was able to utilizes some of his trademark positions like the Z-gaurd as well as some of his down under leg locks.

Jones’s match against Pedro Marinho was a draw. The match looked awfully familiar. A common trend is starting to emerge in some of Craig’s matches. Jones will continuously push the action from a sit up guard, and his opponent will constantly disengage. Think Jones vs Palhares. We definitely can’t get to upset with his opponents considering some of the lightning fast submissions we’ve seen Jones hit.

Against Jon Blank we got to see a good mix of what Craig Jones is capable of. We saw some passing, defending rubber guard, and of course some of his A game. Craig was able to secure two sit up sweeps from Blank’s attempts to defend Craig’s guard. Jones was eventually able to secure back control and finish with the rear strangle. Watching closely was both John Danaher and Gordon Ryan who were in attendance to corner Jones.

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Kaynan Duarte was able to derail the Aussie express. This match is a perfect example how high level these athletes are. Jones has faced the upper tier ever since destroying the betting line at ADCC 2017, yet one mistake was all it took. Craig entered into a outside Ashi position on Duarte only for Kaynan to perform a beautiful counter. This counter lead him to take the back of Jones and secure a body Triangle. From here some hand fighting which lead to the eventual strangle by the eventual 205 lb champ.

Jones was able to have another crack at leaving the venue with another win under his bout. In his way was the ever challenging Jackson Souza. This match was textbook Craig Jones. After an odd situation where Souza had to stop and receive medical attention to his foot that he had injured previously in the night Jones was able to enter into a De La Riva straight ankle lock. Jones was able to turn it belly down and was able to finish the match from there.

Craig Jones was able to place 3rd in an absolutely stacked division. Kasai Pro deserves a lot of credit for putting together another stellar event. Jones has stayed incredibl busy in 2019 and when asked what’s next he simply replied “a vacation and maybe some beers”. He is the man!

Jones continues to demonstrate why he is one of the rising stars of grappling. He has a great set of instructional material available here at BJJFANATICS, and it’s impossible to recommend just one! If you are interested in how he attacks the legs with LEGLOCKS then it’s time to go DOWN UNDER!



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